Anyone ever been to a Nudist Beach/Colony?

Discussion in 'General' started by GGrass, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Anyone ever been to a nudist beach or a colony?

    How was it? Was weed allowed?

    Tell us about your experience there.
  2. Nah I watched a documentary on nudist and this kids mom kept on embarrassing him infront of his girlfriend.
  3. Im not that much of a pervert
  4. Yes I have in St.Marteen it's just a different culture than Americans are used to.
  5. What's 'Jurist'?

    I'm gonna google it right now.
  6. I took off my clothes before I came in this thread.
  7. Does being a nudist or having been to their colony make you a pervert?

    I think not.
  8. That's the spirit!
  9. Hm... may I ask,

    How are they different?
  10. You're right.

    I believe pedophile is the proper term.
  11. Lol meant jurists.I blame spell check

    Fuck spell check in the ass.

  12. So if you're a nudist or have been to a nudist colony, you're a pedophile?
  13. Well...yeah. Thats the only point of having a place where nudity is legal. people wont be judged for looking at the naked kids
  14. Well, you do have a point.
  15. I know what Im talking about, dude. Thats why I go there.
  16. I think a nudist beach would be a good place to find out if you're a pedophile or not.

  17. ...seriously...?
  18. What else is there?
  19. Escaping the law that tells me I have to wear clothes.
  20. Suppose there was a guy... let's call him Mushy.

    Mushy went to a nudist beach and saw bunch of women running around naked. And Mushy couldn't help but to grow a boner.

    Some of the women were pretty, some were fat. And some were young. Like, 10 years young.

    Now, can we say Mushy is a pedophile at this point?

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