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Anyone ever been in a situation where they couldn't say no?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by StickyIkyMarley, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. (HUUUGGEEE Rant on society comin your way, couldn't give you a tdlr if I wanted too, its worth the read tho blades.. Challenge yourselves or something of the sort, read the bold if you just want to contribute because this took a chunk of slow-stoned time mind you someone better fucking read my book)

    Alright, kind-of a shitty week for Sticky but here comes a seemingly wonderful Friday, shits goin good na mean? had some faith in humanity throughout the day which was surprising considering I kind-of hate everyone for te most part nowadays, of course that idea had to be shot down tho :laughing:

    Me and my girl ("purp), who is simply an extension of me at this point btw. decides after years of never asking says she wants do something WAY out of her comfort zone, to live on the wild side per-say and come along with me and my (i'm setting a story not being a prick ;)) completely chunky, scary lookin "butch" best friend, who's really family "Red" and her quite, reserved yet extremely intelligent girlfriend "Blue" on a trip, I told her I wasn't comfortable with her taking any sort of risk like this despite how competent I was with things like this but once she decides something, it happens.. So after my obligation was fufilled for te heads up 1% chance (I told you so moment I guess :laughing:.... next time i'll put my foot down tho if I feel my gut poking me I feel bad honestly, this'll be in te back of head for years) I shut my mouth and agreed to take her.

    This trip entitled going to the neighboring town to get some bud, these "corners" inside of this diametrically different town have always been our fool-proof way to get tree if the need is great enough, but i've never once not been on my toes and extremely paranoid, its just me it doesn't matter how many times I pick up (and i'm sure Blue and Red are no-longer annoyed by my precautions and planning after this :hello:) so I was 99.9% sure this trip would be like any other which would entitle us walking away with a fat ass, extremely cheap sack of regs that were a good grower away from being dank or some nice, compact dank hood weed.. It's like smoking weed in a foreign country to me honestly you just gotta have a good eye for the dealer and make sure not to be in such a hurry so you don't punch the wrong number in and have to hunt for another goldmine. sounds like a swell adventure for four 18-20 year old's lookin for an escape from suburbia right? Well easy enough we already had te guy, te best guy in a while.. Typical these guys never stick around for more then a month or two :rolleyes: I thought this guy was a higher tier tho honestly, he came off as smart and extremely friendly and level-headed, dealt with him two dozen times i'd say, same spot, always there.. guess I was wrong tho :devious:

    Off we go, along the way I put a can of pepper-spray in the door-side ashtray and Red has her blade tucked in glove box, all of our valuables are out of sight, out of our pockets and I only have as much money as I need, typical procedure on a sticky pickup honestly... We pull up to this large car-wash/gas station combo on a road that's pretty much perma under construction = reduced traffic and I told this guy ahead of me i'd like to be a bit more cautious cause I got my girl with me and she was "sketched" over the phone, he seemed very good with it and was acting like I was a saint for telling him, I kick myself for not feelin a bad vibe at that moment but everyone makes mistakes :confused_2:.. We pull behind the car-wash as opposed to in the gas-station where it was public (so ghetto no-one cared tho)

    He comes up and for the first time ever decides he'd say hi and chat before te product came, this was more then one guy "corner" so someone dropping it off by car/walker was always a was always we'd patiently wait until the trade-off was done THENN chit chat/trade off came, didn't think anything of it, guy was friendly and mentioned it was "on its way" (from 50 feet away mind you) and I went with it and we bullshitted for a second, sall good and he walks off to grab it after seeing the car.. Comes back a minute later with what was 1.2g claiming it was his usual 5g deal for $45 and it was mutual that we everybody knew this sack was SKIMPED :mad:.

    I called him out on it and I get the typical black asshole bullshit lingo on how its super compact (usually is, but I know what a compact g is compared to another >.<) and how i'm "trying to fuck him", that i've been squeezing him and frequent service and no-bullshit attitude about it was "getting on his nerves"... It was VERY apparent that he was being extremely hostile and it was going to go his way, te car was running too mind you so if this were on foot I could bet I wouldn't be typing right now because dealers are out of their comfort zones when your the one in the "whip" ergo less fucking bipolar :mad:.
    (before I go any further and anyone thinks i'm a pussy so far let me clarify, more often then not I see these knda dealers packing heat, I always assumed it was to protect their shit but apparently for someone like me, it can be used as an intimidation factor.. Over a plant!

    I've been in these situations, if my girl wasn't there and her FUBAR car didn't shift out of park slow as shit I would've simply laughed at him and gave te magic words to dip out, quick too, maced him if need be, he doesn't play fair.. neither will I... Those two factors I had in my mind the whole way down there

    I then decide to try and negotiate and reason with him due to the circumstances and I came up with something like, Hey, guess you can't see it cause of the rain but thats a gram max, go weigh me out my sack like usual or lemme grab that off you for $15 if your busy (reasonable right?)

    He's not having this tho and he starts to not grab at his crotch, but tap it restlessly as he started to get loud and, dipped down a bit so he could see her, and told my love that i'm being "a punk that needs to get in line, quick before things get real". He rested his hand on his waste-band and I had no intention of finding out if he was planning on (I laughed earlier about how Chappelle called these moments) "keeping it real" and I, who has went out of his way since he was a punk to not take ANY shit, from ANY DEALER, for ANY REASON.. Crumpled like a bitch because he had me by the balls, $45 isn't worth the risk of my partner getting hurt and I took the gram and we both scurried off in opposite directions. He planned, and succeeded in letting the closest person in my life be his ticket for a few extra dollars, i've never been so angry in my life I don't think.

    ///////////Didn't wanna freak them out or make everybody anymore on edge so I didn't bring it up to any of them, but is this as fucked-up and unacceptable as I think it is? i'm pissed :mad: I've traveled quite a bit during my bit on this planet and i'd say my neighboring town is on te podium for awful, shitty towns in the states.. and I was in now what is, the center of this big dump of a city (I mean te center of it too) people should go out of their way to improve their hometown.. ( I don't shit in my own backyard :mad:)

    Using people I've loved a majority of my life to make me buy a sac? I was half-tempted to go back there and scar this punk for life I was so mortified and angry.. But i'm not a fool so anyone, of the many of you :rolleyes: that wants to condone violence in this thread can bite their tongue cause that's not productive and my quarterly post in te city shouldn't be full of that shit.. If I can do it so can you :smoke:

    Changed names and one or two slight details regarding locations the look of things you can never be too paranoid so its now justified, even pepper-spray apparently isn't enough if you make a wrong turn in the states :laughing:
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    i remember one time when i was new to the most harccore part of copenhagen, i tried to buy some from a dealer, he didnt have, then this guy next to him, this big mofo, said he'd help me out, i had a bad feeling, but i was new, and he was pushy enough to make me follow him, so he buys for me, then when i ask him to hand it over, he's all like '' dude, the only reason you got this much is cuz i bought it for you, which was bullshit, but what choice did i have, the dude was double my size, and he was sorrounded by his friends, so i thought to myself if it was worth it to try and get it back by force, but i figured it wasnt, so i said, dude whatever, have a nice smoke ''

    as a man i dont like backing down, but sometimes its the best thing to do
  4. yea i was on probation for a year, 2 months into "quiting" my guy got some blueberry....maybe it was a sign, i dont know, but i have never had any blueberry before or since then
  5. Anytime I've been offered bud. :smoke:
  6. this is the first time I've seen a thread with so many smiley faces used lol. nice use of them btw, looks really colorful.

  7. I don't post in te city unless i'm beyond fried... Smiley faces become an extension of me :smoke:

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