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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by thmssttn, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Hate the Gwinnett County popo with a raging passion? (Georgia btw, don't know if theirs any other Gwinnett Counties)
  2. Hate is a strong word i try not to associate myself with. However i do strongly dislike asshole cops in general lol
  3. Though if we could separate drugs from the rest of everything I think we all appreciate the job cops do, it's just unfortunate that drugs are illegal and cops have to enforce those laws, flagrant disrespect for the law breeds distrust of police and the justice system (not that that's entirely bad, but when everyone hates the cops just because they're arresting people for drug crimes it's kind of a problem, like a national problem)
  4. I hate all police.... they crackin down fuckin cocky bastards. I want to see one of them have to use their gun some time... bet it'd change the way police act around here REAL quick.
  5. I hate dick cops, but I appreciate the work that most cops do. Last thing I'd want to do is chase down people with guns and other weapons, crack heads, murderers and rapists and etc.

    It may be social control but you gotta take the good with the bad since they aren't going anywhere soon.
  6. I hate cops to be honest, I agree with the above statement.
    if they were no longer enforcing drugs they'd be cool with me.

    But I hate the fuckin' fat, doughnut gobbling, coffee slurping, wise cracking know it all PIGS that make up a minority of the force.
    Im sure you've all dealt with one like that

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