Anyone else think french toast is amazing?

Discussion in 'General' started by CoolNewThing, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. So recently, I remembered how delicious french toast is, and now everytime im blitzed all I can think about is stacks of fantastically square pieces of bread coated in a glaze of egg batter with a hint of vanilla :(

    You can add all types of accessories to your cool new french toast stuffs as well! Coat it in glittering cinnamon sugar diamonds. You can lather it up with a thick coat of peanut butter if syrup is too sweet for yah, and its by far the sexiest bread I have ever seen.

    What are your thoughts on God's toast food of champions?

    Also, fuck pancakes.
  2. Had it this morning. Awesome way to start your day. BUT pancakes are nice bro. Dont hate.
  3. never had it

    honey nut ceerios on the other hand...OMGGGG
  4. Pancakes say fuck you too
  5. I have never seen the words never in the same sentence or replying to "French toast". Tis heavenly.

    there best when they're all nice and mushy and warm.......Im gonna make some now!
  6. A fine cereal indeed but if you need to switch up yo breakfast routine then bread covered in egg is the way to go pimpin.

    Pancakes light and fluffy circularness is enjoyable but I rank it far less superior than my eggbread, no hate, just less love
  7. You need to get better batter for your pancakes and some good syrup. I like french toast but I've been working on my crepe making abilities.
  8. how exsactly do you make freanch toast??

    do you soak the bread in egg, or just a light spread ?
  9. also pancakes with protein power will fill u up more.. tip o the day

  10. That sounds disgusting.
  11. French toast is soo amazingly good. Especially while under the influence :hello:
  12. for real
  13. Hold up, are you nice at crepes? now you got me all sorts of salty cause thats the one food I love more than eggbread :(

    When I make my french toast I use like 2 eggs for 4 pieces of bread. You crack em in a bowl, whisk it up and add some milk to it, then soak both sides in it and cook on the mufuxin burner on medium. Cook em till they're goldish brown and then work em over with butter and syrup.

    Cinnamon sugar if you feelin squirrley
  14. French Toast it overrated.
  15. It's too bad you missed out on French Toast Crunch then. It was only the greatest cereal ever invented.

    I concur. It's alright, but nothing too special.

  16. Yeah I worked on it the past few weekends... I always make breakfast for the girls I bang. Everyone loves crepes eggs and a fresh smoothie... keeps em coming back.
  17. Flawless, im gonna try to steal your "swagger" sometime. When there's business to tend to, crepes sounds like the prime way to top it off.
  18. I don't care much for the French.
  19. Damn I haven't had it in years. Real good though. The restaurant I used to work at served some bomb ass breakfast. The pancakes had blueberries in them, and oh my god. The line chef that was best at making them was hospitalized unfortunately...didn't get back to work before I left. Bummed I didn't get any more of his pancakes...they were the best I've ever had...and I heard that from some customers as well.

    Their french toast always puzzled people because it was made with some sort of croissant thing. I never had it. It would annoy me to run because they would always put it on a small plate and drizzle it with syrup, which I would then spill on myself. Bah. Anyway, I should hit up the place some morning. The only thing good I can make myself is sunny side up eggs.
  20. excuse me I believe we call it Patriot Toast here in 'MERICA god damn you commie scum

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