Anyone else take advantage of this offer yet?

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    This company is having a blowout sale :D

    I'd like to order a specific strain they have as it's too cheap to pass up.

    1) Has anyone had experience with this company in recent history?

    2) Have you taken advantage of any of their other 'Specials' in the past? (If they've had any?)

    3) Is this just a gimmick and they have a sale on all the time? Heh. (gotta love marketing, eh?)


    I'm currently saving for some other beans (see my sig) but at 20$ for 20 beans... I'll bite if the quality is halfway decent. :smoke:
  2. I have not made a seed purchase yet, I have only been growing for about 6 months I have heard alot of good and bad things about 2 banks . almost sounds too good to be true I am interested in seeing what people say about this place
  3. they're fake sorry to say,
  4. Yah, I'm kinda dubious about them but I'm still considering it because of the price. Even seeds that are CLOSE would be better than bagseed for me at this point LOL

    The last time I ordered seeds it was from Heaven's Stairway back when and OG were still around.

    I've heard a lot of crud since then and since I'm still paying for my medical I have to be very stingy about my cash :(

    Once I have my own meds I'll be able to save that cash for other beans and equipment. (Can't Freakin wait!)

    The way my brain reacts to Indica reminds me of people with allergies to peanuts. I don't break out in hives or anything but my brain just gets whacked and blows my effectiveness out of the water.

    I'm sticking to seeds and clones to get genetics I know works for me until I can afford to get the beans I REALLY want. (Nothing worse than sitting on a bunch of smoke that you can't) LOL

    GROW ON!

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