Anyone else sick of war?

Discussion in 'General' started by Blix, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. I'm just sick and tired of war.

    No, let me rephrase that. I'm sick of Violence. The whole
    concept of, "You'll do what I tell you to, or I'll fuck you up."
    It's just pointless.

    So that guy over there doesn't follow the same God as you.
    So what? Let the guy believe what he want's.

    It's all this mentality of control. Do it my way. Or Else.
  2. The world is a twisted place my friend. The sad truth is, with the way we are as humans the concept of world peace would not work.

  3. Yeah dude remember how the architect told Neo how it didnt work out? and the machines lost an ENTIRE harvest!
  4. haha.

    I believe agent smith siad the same thing to morpheus in the first movie too.

  5. This is why we all gotta be nice to each other here.

    We can set an example of how the world should be .

    Respect for each other is all it takes .[To bad money gets in the road in the real world ,lol.]
  6. you may be sick of it but remember what the yingyang means
    there cant be light without dark or peace with out war

    it would be nice for it to stop and everyone to be peacefull but it just wont happen
  7. Operation Iraqi Liberation
  8. aight i say we generate the next generation of hippies and we'll all jus chill in nature and grow weed and shrooms and other vegetables n fruits to eat, and we'll all just live in harmony while the government fucks around wit violence n wat not.... WHO'S WITH ME!!!?

    haha make love not war

  9. lets do it. if they start drafting it will be just like vietnam, kinda. just wtf are we fighiting for now? they want saddam back, hand him over and take out soldiers out. they think they can handle it, let them.
  10. hahahahaha

  11. trippy.

    people just gotta smoke more weed.
  12. What host brought that Operation Iraqi Liberation? Wasn't it on like SNL or something?
  13. i'm sick of wartime. remember the last time it wasn't wartime? like 2.5 years ago? 9/11 changed america so much it scares me.

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