Anyone else on the city a complete BASSHEAD.

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  1. I just wanted to make a thread for all the bass heads out there. Dubstep is the best music every to grace this earth and I enjoy every second of it when I am producing. Anyone else love it as much as me? DROP BASS NOT BOMBS.
  2. YESSS! just saw bassnectar for my second time last month. fucking amazing.
    i also saw nero, skrillex, and a bunch of other whomping dudes.
  3. calling dubstep the best music ever to grace the earth is a bit of a stretch
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  5. Dubstep is music? I just hear loud elephant sounds.
  6. i don't get why so many people are against dubstep. no doubt there is some fuckin shittttyy dubstep..but good dub.. idk i dont see how you cant like it
  7. Bc its a bunch of random noises?
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    DROP BASS NOT BOMBS! I fuckin love dubstep, but it has to have a sick drop and I'm not a fan of words in dub. I'm picky :p
  9. I enjoy most of the artist's in dubstep, don't understand why people hate on it so much but then again everyone has their own opinions on "Good" music and bad

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