Anyone else not really have a best friend?

Discussion in 'General' started by itguy, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. It's weird - I haven't had a best friend in a long long time. I have a lot of acquaintances, but not very many good friends.

    It's hard for me to relate to other people for some reason. I'm fairly straight-laced other than pot. I rarely drink and don't smoke cigarettes. It's pretty much impossible for me to find someone like me to be friends with, since someone like me doesn't really stand out in a crowd.

    I'm blitzed, so that probably doesn't make a lot of sense. I guess I'll let it out by playing video games..

    Damn. As lame as it sounds, I just want a fucking friend to hang out with.
  2. And to add a bit - I have a fucking hot g/f of about 3-4 years. Good job, motorcycle, most of my girlfriends girlfriend's boyfriends are fucking dumbasses. The ones that aren't dumbasses don't toke.
  3. Well as long as you've got your hot girlfriend that you're truly happy with, thats about as good as a best friend.
  4. i feel you i havent had a best friend since like 8th grade. There was one kid that lived with me since i was 13 who kinda became like a brother to me but hes in the army now. This one kid that use to spend every day with me after school i dont even talk to anymore. Its sad how you can be best buddys in the world hes got your back you got his to not een talking to them anymore.
  5. Im kind of in the same boat. When i left for college my best friend since the 3rd grade moved to california. It seems impossible to find someone that i would consider a best friend again. Now it seems like i have a bunch of friends that im not all that close to. i dunno its not as fun to me, id rather chill with a good friend than party with all of these random people.
  6. your right who needs a best friend when u got a gf. I guess such is the way of the world.
  7. ditto. i hate it. i wish i had a friend liek a brother
  8. I have 2 best friends (twins[guys]) but I don't consider them my friends I consider them more family, brothers, because i have no siblings. And I would have to be in the same boat as you because I have a lot of acquaintances had some good friends but they just got old and I didn't want to hang out with them because they annoyed me after a while lol My "friends" never stick because
    A. they either want to hang out with you because you have weed
    B. Plays around to much
  9. The best friend thing died out for me around middle school. Aside from the fact that I stopped hanging out so much with that one person and sharing everything with him, I also found out pretty quickly nobody else was as similar to me as in the past.

    Today I have good friends from different cliques, some of them mean a lot and are better friends than others, but the distance between us all prevents me from having a best friend.

  10. Same can keep conversation going with a good friend. I hate when there is dead silence with one other person lol... Im a listener not a talker.:smoking::smoking:
  11. I'm pretty much in the same boat as the OP. Back in the day, like elementary and middle school, I always had a best friend, hell, multiple best friends.
  12. My best friend has his balls stuffed so deep in his fiance's purse, he hardly even chills with me anymore. She's made him quit drinking, smoking, he barely comes out to play pool or video games and shit any more, so I suppose I'm in the same position.

    I'll be taking applications for new bffs immediately.
  13. Relationships almost always destroy best friends.
  14. yea man, i've had about 3 best friends in my life, the first i just kinda stopped wanting to hang out with, it was a while ago i don't know what happend. we talk occasionally but its usually mad akward. wish i would stuck around with him the kid gets an insane amount of pussy...the second im still friends with but our friends are in totally differrent groups so we don't hang out so much, and the third is kind of a douche but hes my closest buddy...i wish i wasnt mad at my bro he was my best friend but he took the first girl i ever loved from me...can't really find it in me to forgive him for that shit man

    just spillin ma i said no best friends who else am i gona talk to? :p

  15. "Bros before hoes" is a myth.
  16. This is true.
    You'll only hear that phrase after the friend breaks up with the chick "Shit dude I shoulda remembered bros before hoes!"
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    and yea exactly what Whatsthatsmell said, before my brother got involved it was "bros b4 hos"
    then they fucked
    then it was "oh im sorry dude bros b4 hos man"

    yea im just gona forgive you?
  18. man, i have one friend. like literally, only one. and were together so much that everybody thinks were lesbians its kind of annoying. but the thing is sometimes i dont even feel like she is my best friend, shes just like..someone who is there idunno. i kinda wish i had more friends to hang out with lol but im not complaining. only thing is she like to drink, i like to smoke ..grr
  19. man, talkin about best friends makes me think back to middle school, when i lost two of the greatest friends of my life. and then, after moving around a lot, i became great friends with the person i first smoked weed with, and we smoked every day for a summer before he moved back to montreal. then after graduation, all my friends moved away or went to college, so i had to make some new friends.
  20. Studies have shown u are lucky if you have 3 best friends by the time you die. Most people end up with one or 2. All you need is one. You have a girlfriend for 3-4 years man that can be considered a best friend. Seriously you should talk to her about this but let her know that you consider her as your best friend. Thats what you should do.

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