anyone else love talking/playing with their dogs while high?

Discussion in 'General' started by HighHaze, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. i really have a whole conversation with him
  2. If I wasn't allergic to dogs then yeah

    I enjoy the first fifteen minutes of chilling with dogs but then my eyes get so red and itchy I wanna kill myself

  3. same with cats for me......face gets puffy like the michellen tire guy
  4. play with them tripping next time. my face and arm was getting licked for like 20 was weird but awesome haha
  5. im allergic to critters too..the cat and the times for me...try visene-a when ur eyes get all itchy from great:D

    and yeah...only for some reason when i get up there my dog would rather cuddle than play...she likes to play when im sober....and hell.i talk to her anyways!! lol

    thats not strange...if you expect them to talk back..THATS when you need to watch for the guys in white coats...;)
  6. What if you've got a parrot? That would be a crazy pet...a talking bird. That would really mess with you when you're baked.
  7. my aunt has a kind of parrot...its an indian ring-necked parakeet....thing fuckin despises me:mad:

    i was going to get an ocean conure parotlet last summer....but i couldnt afford to buy him...could afford everything the food, and was gonna build him his avery in the back room and shit....but he himself cost about 500$

    maybe someday when i can afford that and not have to live offa ramen *tho ramen is the shit!* to do be able to find another one that was just as awesome and ill save it from the dregs of the petstore:D
  8. i almost exclusively smoke when i walk my dog. and then me play in the big open field in stern grove and people give me funny looks like "wtf that kid is on drugs or something." but i don't care it's fun as fuck.
  9. I love playing with my dog when I'm high, but I get this feeling like he knows.......:eek:
  10. Hellz yeah, me and my dog just chill, and I talk to her, but whenever i step outside to smoke, I leave a little catnip on the floor for my cats, so when I come back in my cats are acting fucking crazy and I play with them, It's funny shit.:laughing:
  11. If I don't talk to my dog, I'm talkin to myself and that makes me feel like a freak. So I might as well.
  12. I love to play with the dog high, they enjoy it so much and never judge you.
  13. i hear you there. ITs always been that way since i was a kid. IM chill with dogs tho.
  14. Oh, they're judging. Those soulless black eyes...knowing every secret...every betrayal...:eek:

  15. ROFL! Funny shit.:laughing:
  16. well I can't tell that they are judging, and that is what matters.
  17. edit: my bad.

    playing with a dog while you're on acid....
  18. [​IMG]

    It is inhuman to get animals high, your playing with the ban button buddy.

  19. It's more effective and more subtle to just PM people and let them know that their post violates the rules... Since most people don't mean any harm by breaking the rules here, they just didn't read them thoroughly. Making a big post about it draws attention to a simple violation of rules that wouldn't warrant a ban in the first place.
  20. exactly!! i wonder if that has anything to do with them not being aware of what youre doing in the first place :confused:
    that sounds fun!
    seriously lol especially with a big ass picture like that

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