anyone else like coke/not like crack?

Discussion in 'General' started by Samus, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. last friday i tried both. i didnt want to smoke crack. well, me and 3 friends smoked a bowl with some coke on it, and i didnt feel much if anything at all. then we each did a line of coke, and i felt GREAT!!! talking non stop for like a half hour, and felt really confident. then we rolled the rest of the coke in a joint. after that was gone, they were gonna smoke some crack. well i thought "the coke felt nice, maybe ill like crack too". crack sucks! i couldnt talk, all i did was stare at shit like "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOIN ON". oh well. anyone else feel the same way?
  2. Man, ive never done coke but i want to. I took 7 20 mg adderall this morning and im feeling the best ive ever felt in my entire life. I have a whole new prespective on life and i have a completely stoic feeling, a feeling of completion in the mind, body, and soul. I feel so good, like im on top of the world and since i just came out of a harsh depression it feels extra great. I have to sotp writing now before i get carried away into my crazy, longass adderall induced writing.

    <3 to all of you
  3. your comedown is going to be a bitch though!

    prepare to be depressed again..
  4. i know what your sayin man, and im ready for that! im in like such a super mood that even after im off this and during the down ill be good, cause ive been depressed for too damn long, and ive noticed that it dosent really have the same affects on me as it does on my girlfriend, she cant sleep or eat and i can sleep and eat all that and i didn tgo all anti social or depressed on the last down so i think im fine for sure.

  5. that feeling of greatness you get from adderal feels like it will last forever, but it wont. you will be depressed again.
  6. it crossed my mind it could be adderall induced happiness but this kind of happiness it like ultimately happy like. before i was like happier when i did it but like its gotta mean something if it feels as good as this man... trust me your not in my shoes so you wouldent really know, but whateve man.

  7. hah adderall is one of the best feelings in the world, i dont do it that often because of the comedown but when there is no bud around, ill pop 80mg or so of adderall

    i get kinda irritable on the comedown i cant sleep ..i can eat, but most of my friends say that they cant sleep/or eat ..and even the sight of food makes them sick

    but no matter what that top of the world feeling makes it all seem worth it
  8. ya im having a computer adderal party with some friends this weekend, to end the summer before school starts. i wont have to deal with comedown- i got xanax waiting for that.
  9. A few suggestions...

    Samus did you really smoke crack? or just some coke in a joint/bowl?....smoking coke is really ineficient and you'll only get about 10-20% efficiency...its a lot better to simply dissolve the coke in some water along with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and it raises cokes vaporization point to a more tolerable level...that my friend, is crack...and you'll get quite a buzz from smokin that horrible shit..

    as for adderall...I stopped popping those years ago..i still use addies, but i crush them up and insuflate them... Being that I dont have my own script for adderalls and i have to buy them off others, I like to make them last longer..I can snort two or three 20mg addies and get a better buzz than popping 100mgs on an empty stomach... I dont advise you try this of course, being that this is a blatant disregard for your own health if you dont know what youre doing, and its also a federal offence to abuse prescription medications, especially those that werent prescribed to you....

    ...but if you were to do some research online and did your recreational sins privately and without causing harm to others..then more power to you....ya junkies!
  10. yes nubbin, i know theres a difference between coke and crack. we first smoked coke on some weed, and then snorted, then smoked in a joint. then we proceeded to smoke crack on some weed, not coke, but crack. the coke was good and white, while the crack was a white/yellowish color with a very different taste than the coke. different high, too- a shitty high. dont see how this drug has fiends.

  11. ok thats cool...not that its a horrible thing to sprinkle some coke on your bud...but was just checkin

  12. thats actually water base.... but who cares anyway....

    crack is made differently....nastier stuff in it too... its what gives it the stale yellow complection and high melting temp...

  13. id rather just pop adderal... the first time i did it, i snorted 2 pills and popped 3, and the drip was the worst ive tasted, besides oxy. i actually gagged, and almost barfed from that nasty taste. a week later i popped 5, and i was up for quite a while, and the rush was just as pleasant. then again, i have no tolerance. i even prefer adderal over glass any day. glass just doesnt give me that rush.

  14. me also ..the first time i did adderalll i railed 3 20mg pills ...needless to say i havent done it since (it tastes horrible!)
  15. sorry i mean i havent snorted adderall since then ...i still love to do it ..just not through the nose
  16. well having started on the ritalins which had a bitter off taste, the adderalls were quite a nasty taste for sure, its super sweet beyond some really bad artificial sweetner..but ive grown to like it a fair amount these days...ahh druuuuugs
  17. hey you can also potentiate amphetamines by eating a spoonful or two of baking soda 15 minutes or so before takin your addies...slightly acidifies the gastrointestinal system and there really is a noticabl difference in duration and intensity
  18. heh it does sorta taste like that artifical sweetner they have at diners and restaruants
  19. drink baking soda...

    EW man, fucking EW
  20. i thought adderal was supposed to keep u up for like 12 hours,anyway the first time i took it i was fucked up i had 3 excedrin,adderal,followed by 1 delicious camel ciggarette,in fact it was about 3 or 4 days ago,me and myfriend were just rambling on bout who knows,anywayz it was one of the funnest nights i had in along time

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