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anyone else have wicked results with gh rapid rooters?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by highambitions, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. 6 days including germ


  2. they look better and better everytime i go in there. i gotta say theyre definately worth a try.
  3. my buddy uses them.... he has very good results... i gotta use all my rockwool before i expand my horizons...

    it will be my next purchase though
  4. Can you please tell me how you got ot this point ? Did you start the bean directly in the rapid rooter inside the hydroton ?

    Thanks Dado
  5. no what i did was took a small tupperware container, wrapped in eletrical tape so no light could get in, put about 7 plugs in the tupperware dropped seeds in em and left by a heater. they germed in about a day, and then i dropped them in my net ups with the hydroton and top fed with a mist of distilled water and voodoo juice. oh yeah just keep your water level about an inch from the bottom of your cup, top feed for a few days, and like mine 3 days is all it took for those bad boys to drop right in the water.

    they get big fast literally everytime i check theres more, longer roots droppin in. and with a ppm around 250 theyre growing great and in about a week slowly get up to about 325ppm.
  6. Thanks, their awesome looking for such a short time, (YOUR MY NEW HERO),

    When you say "mist" is that the same as using my basic drip line. This is my setup. Thanks Again for your input.

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    you wont have to mist them, with that setup its got the drip line to feed from the top. the only reason you have to top feed, is to get the roots to grow down into the res. so basically its just using water from your res to top feed it. i also have that root booster called voodoo juice that i recently used and its GREAT. expensive though, but well worth it. but back to this, the only reason i had to mist them, was because i dont use a drip system. i may but the good ol airstones are working in my favor now. i would just put the drip sys on a timer at first if using it. that way youre not over watering the seedling before it has the roots to absorb all that water. or if you wanted, dont even use it at first, just get a spray bottle and mist your medium so it stays moist(not soaked or soggy, just moist) usually the bubbles from the airstones keep the bottom of the net cup moist but ive found top feeding is the easiest method until roots are touching. good luck man hope ive helped.

    edit: take a look at what ive got so you have a better idea. i think that some of the questions i asked may help as well.http://forum.grasscity.com/hydroponic-growing/689539-scrapped-soil-grow.html
  8. YES, You surely did help, I just bought the VOoDoo Juice on Ebay, and I will reconfigure my system to add those airstones as well, Like I said (YOUR MY NEW HERO) hahaha

  9. lol well im glad i could help. im pretty new at it too. ive just asked a lot of the same questions that you have and when i get answers on here they usually are pretty good.

    and yeah def get some airstones in that itll help you so much more. if youre using a tote lets say like mine, an 18 gal.,i would reccomend getting a pump that is rated for twice the size as your res. im using a 20-30 gal rated and its just not big enough for the bubbles i want. get a nice pump thats rated for a good 40-50 gal. some of the nicer ones have 4 outlets so you can throw 4 stones in there, or even split a few to add more if needed. the more bubbles the better is what i was told and am going by.

    what im planning to do is get one of these 4 outlet pumps ant put 4-6 of those airstone wands they have. should give me bubbles throughout the whole res, instead of just in the middle fanning out like i have now.

    and believe me, you wont regret the voodoo juice. ive saw literally over night excellent results with my little guys and my buddy uses it for clones and lemme tell ya its good stuff. just how much healther, faster, and whiter your roots grow. i had one root touching water by the first night after germination, and then the next day, they were growing everywhere out the bottom just sinkin roots right into the water. youll be pumped bro.

    well, good luck man, be sure to start a journal in the grow journal section and if you need anything else hit me up. and if i cant help you or im unsure ill get you to the guys that know what up for real. peace man.:smoke:
  10. I took your advice 100%, I received the voodoo juice and moved my five 3 inch net pots to a bubbler system that I just put together. The small container is 12 liters of which I have a seven liter resvevoir (10 X 14 X 6 deep) tote, I also made it light proof and placed it on my hydro germinating heat mat.

    I put four 12 inch (walmart airstones and they fit perfectly) on 2 dual air pumps (WOW so many micro bubbles) . My revevoir is only seven liters (enough so that I'm only 1 inch from the underside of my net pots)

    Although the reservoir is rather small (only seven liters), do you or anyone else think that this is enough to promote a viable root system, so then I can move the net pots back to my drip system ? I want to initiate a vigorous root system, as you have done.

  11. sounds like youve got a good plan to me bro as long as youre just gettin them big enough to transplant in that youd be great man. just get a gallon jug of distilled water and dump around 1/4 to 1/2 a capfull of vjuice until your ppms are around 200 or so
  12. I have a machine in my home for R.O. water, I also use a pipet when giving nutrients to the system so that I can log everything to be more exact (with 34 dropplets in a 1 ML pipet) I can almost predict the PH before using any UP/DOWN solution. (Excell Spreadsheet is a wonderful thing to calculate formulas) The same with the VooDoo Juice, at a 1/4 strength it came out to 3.5 ml for my 7 liter reservoir.

    I'm thinking that using the smallest tote (12 liter) for a bubbler with 5 net pots giving me the same results (hopefully) as you, at a fraction of the cost for the first two weeks (or less) before I move them back into the drip system, because that VooDoo Juice as you said is very expensive.

  13. i can say its the best expensive investment ive made so far this is day 8 i believe and its already bigger than this pic,


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    those grow plugs have willow bark, which has a natural plant hormone, also those DWC systems put the plant into over drive.

  15. whatevers in em, works. good. im hooked for sure. theyre doing great now added my nutes last night to 400 ppm

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