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Anyone else have trouble cutting back??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BeEasyChillin, Feb 4, 2014.

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    They say weed isn't an addictive substance but after smoking daily for the past three years (especially before going to sleep at night) I'm finding it really difficult to cut back. New responsibilities are forcing me to cut back but every time I don't smoke I get this terrible anxiety and end up smoking anyways. help please?? am I weak?? :unsure:
    this is a serious question btw please no rude comments bc im not trolling

  2. It's normal man I have the same thing. After the first 2 days it gets easier. And no, you are not weak :)

    - According to Health Canada and their guide to Cannabis consumption, Marijuana dependance & withdrawal are real symptoms.

    Source :
  3. I just get bored. 
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    weed isnt physically addicting. people can easily develop a mental dependence though. just take a break man, after a few days youll be good. 
    edit: theres a great thread in the philosophy section titled "Smoking weed daily: Is it a crutch" or something like that, definitely worth reading
  5. 229 days clean and sober, im not missing or craving.
    I would go for a dab about right now. maybe next harvest.
  6. i started my break a couple days ago and right now its midnight and i really want a bowl.. half because im missing that AMAZING body high :D and the other half because its hard to go to sleep. but thats mostly because ive been going to sleep super late and now im trying to go alot earlier all of a sudden.
    still, its super boring at night lmao but all i keep thinking of is the awesome high ill get when i smoke again the longer i wait :)
    if you make a  goal and keep yourself occupied its pretty easy to stop/take a break
  7. No I feel ya, it's almost all or nothing for me. I can keep it to just nights but I love smoking all day.
    Mental dependence is totally a thing and I'd argue anybody who smokes every day is subject to it regardless of if they acknowledge it or not. It's the one thing I don't like about smoking every day, however I love smoking too much to really want to bother trying to stop, especially now that I'm vaping.
    2-3 days off and some exercise and you'll be feeling normal again. I've always wondered if it's dependence or just the sudden change in routine that throws me off.
  8. I'm dependent on the same way I'm dependent on other things for entertainment (internet, music, television) - I don't see what makes weed any different. If it's not making me unhealthy in any particular way, I don't necessarily see a reason to cut back. There's never really a situation where I can't get high.
  9. You just gotta wait it out man. Time. Also, weed definitely is NOT physically addictive. But it can definitely be mentally addicting if you are in a habit of smoking every day, just like if you ate lunch at the same time every day for years and now you had to adjust it by 2 hours. It just takes time.
  10. What brings you here then?
    I grow,clone,breed,harvest,cure,make hash,make hash oil,edibles. Legal medical provider for friends and family. In a legal state.
    I just quit for a huge T break. Quit drinking and want my wits about me. I'm too old to be raising hell waking up in jail, I used to party like a chainsaw stuck wide open, just had to slow down.
    I do want to dab some hash oil. :D
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    smoking is unhealthy for you in many ways as is vaping (less), if you're consuming edibles or something then yes not unhealthy in any particular way
    My doctor told me I could do all the edibles I want. We had a good discussion.
  14. The first two days are the WORST, just soldier through them and I promise it will be much easier. Especially after you smoke again and realize how much even a small T break can do for you, plus it saves on weed and you'll need less to feel it. 
    Have a plan. Plan those two days with activites - exercise, painting, writing, projects, go for walks, go out with friends, anything, just fill up your time. Two days will be gone before you know it
    i agree with that
  16. I don't smoke it - and I don't see anything unhealthy about vaporizing it. Better than unhealthy unedibles any day IMO.
  17. I said fuck it and am on to dabs

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