Anyone Else Have Caterpillar Problems Last Year?

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  1. It;s been a few months since i've been

    So last year i mentioned i got hit by these little green worms. They hit me hard and i had to daily remove them from the garden.

    I found the majority of them by the dead piece of bud on cola and searched the area around it and almost always found the fucker spiraling his way through the biggest colas.

    This occured to only my plants in the veggie garden where i grow corn, tomatoes, peas, etc. i had another plot a few hundred feet away in a guerilla setting and no worms....

    Anyone else have this problem?
    9.25.08 002 (Large).jpg

    9.25.08 003 (Large).jpg

    9.25.08 006 (Large).jpg

    9.25.08 009 (Large).jpg

    9.25.08 010 (Large).jpg
  2. Damn that sucks. It's funny that only your garden patch was hit. The nest must have been in the garden or something. I listed a few more or less powerful remedies against these bastards. Bacillus thuringienis is ecological and radical. A little less strong but efficient according to peeps who tried it here is garlic soap mixture. See recipe in organic section. Good luck! Hope it's better for you next year.:wave:
  3. Man, that little fucker blended in, he looked like a piece of the bud XD
  4. at least he died happy;)
  5. are those electricity meters behind ur plant in the last picture?

  6. Yeah I have a few ganja plants in the veggie garden (3000sf). The “real” garden is in the back of the property. I have two Dr. recommendations (one for myself and one of a friend) so I can grow 12 and be within STATE law. I view the risk of federal prosecution to be nil. i'll take my chances with the meter reader.....
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    I'm having problems with the little bastards and completely doused the plants with Dipel dust.
    I used the mini hand cranked blower and over dusted a bit. How long will this application last? Is it harmful to have too much on the bud? I'm worried that during the night moisture will cause the dust to melt into the plant.
  8. man i hate them damn things ruin once of my dwarfs and a cola on my white rhino. how do they start? larva or something?
  9. Usually by certain butterflies. I have only seen the white ones flying and touching down on my plants. :smoking:

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  10. hey north bay nugs Im in the east bay and I get those fuckers every year in fact I think I just spotted some damage to my pks but they look exactly the same as the ones in your picture I fucking hate them I have lossed so much good bud to them its not even funny try spinosad its a naturall soil bacteria that wipes them out make sure to spray in the evening the problem is once they get in the bud its almost impossible to detect them before its to late and they have killed the bud and once their in the buds the spray is not very effective because they are protected anyways I would keep a close eye out for eggs although they are very hard to spot look under the leaves and on the buds and use toothpick to pick the eggs out the moths come early morning and late at night and plant them good luck:mad:
  11. Thanks for the heads up and advice...So far I haven't seen a single one.

    I'm not growing corn this year and I think that may have something to do with it....they really hit my corn hard last year. I have some BT but haven't used this year. I think I'm going to apply once they dry out from the rain we got. I have never seen eggs but didn't know to look at the underside of the leaves ~ Good tip + rep.

    Good Luck & Jah Bless


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