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Anyone else get this problem?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by metalstonerking, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Where your dealer/friends don't know what the hell the bud is? I get this all the time; in fact, I don't think I've ever gotten an answer besides "dank" or "hydro" or "decent shit".

    Kind of pisses me off... but I usually just end up taking a nice bud and comparing it to some pictures in my Big Book of Buds.
  2. My dealer knows his shit, so I can't say that I do.

    But it doesn't really bother me, if it's not dank enough to have a name there's no point in having one, if it has a name I want it to be exactly the strain it's being called.

    Maybe your dealers just don't deal in good enough stuff.
  3. Hahahaha, I used to be friends with this kid who knew absolutely nothing about anything. One time he thought he got hydro but it was really just regs. I laughed so hard at him.
  4. yeah i get that alot because where i live everything is crippie unless its something different like WW, blueberry, or AK. and the only time they tell me its not crippie is right before they are gnna tell me how much more its gonna be.
  5. Yea, my guys don't know a thing, they only understand weight.
  6. In my hometown dealers are stupid, when I was at college they were all really good, knew there stuff and awesome prices.
  7. Never had that problem with them not knowing, the only problem is when they say they can't get it. None of my damn dealers can find hash.

    I suggest we make a "Quality comparison" thread with some clear ass high-res pics that goes in order right next to each other from the dirtiest schwag all the way to the dankest of dank with labels for every known strain. Maybe It would circulate around to inform new smokers so we can all be smarter.

    Remember, the more we all know, the less somebody will try and fuck around during a deal. I'm pretty baked. :)
  8. good shit or brownfrown for me
    none of my stoner friends even know what dank mids or schwag stand for
  9. I always get dank, ak-47, banging ass dro, and some fucking beasters (when I can't get dank). I never even touch mids, I never even saw schwagg in my life, and never plan to.
    If I aint smokin' dank, I won't smoke at all man. :) MY dealer always gives me nice shit
  10. Russian Roulett... I hope you didn't just refer to dank and banging ass dro and beasters as different strains. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt though.

    As for a strain guide... the biggest most amazing strain guide of all time was hosted on OverGrow and it had EVEYTHING. It was so insane... government jacked the servers though. The did an international raid which is highly illegal and fucked up...

    Either way... I think that'd be a great sticky, but moderators would have to keep it SUPER organized. Every time someone get's good bud and knows FOR SURE what it is they post a high rez picture and give a smoke review. Any other posts that don't have a new post would get deleted and there's another thread to discuss.

    How's that sound to everyone?
  11. i usually get like 5-6 choices of bud when i pick up. he knows his shit
  12. but what does this have to do with logics?
  13. No I didn't refer to them as different strains. By dank I meant really good weed, beasters also good weed, and dro as in hydroponicly grown weed, to put it all in technical terms ;)
  14. That's the first time I've ever heard of anyone refering to "beaster" pot as anything positive. Whenever I use the term or hear it used, it's always in reference to low grade marijuana, among the bottom of the barrel.

    On-Topic: My dealers rarely know the specific strain, and I probably wouldn't believe them if they claimed they did. Selling weed is a business, and alot of people will say what they have to in order to increase business.
  15. old dealer: knew shit, just said "this is good shit"..or "hydro i thing"

    new dealer: is great, knows his strains, how it was grown and can describe the high to me.
  16. Weed is weed regardless of what name you give it (talking kb here no shwag or mids), it'll get you high. I love when people try to sell me weed and tell me it's "northern lights" or "white widow" or whatever bullshit they want to feed me. I know my weed when I see it, and I know regular orange haired KB, and I know dank ass skunk shit when I see it. Most of the weed that circulates where I live, (northern VA) is like brick KB, if you can imagine it. it's all got tons of orange hairs, and that perfect cone shape. But that's all it is. It's grown using some magical formula of plants to maximize yeild, which does affect overall quality, but it all is nonetheless good shit. and that's what I tell dumbass kids who ask, it's good shit, do you want to get high or not?

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