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Anyone else get real cynical when high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CD Clock, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. I always turn into such a sarcastic motherfucker
  2. ....being cynical is when you believe the worst in human motives, or have a huge disbelief in something like the selflessness of others lol i think you used it wrong, but i know what you mean

  3. oh naw i just kinda turn into an asshole sometimes in my head ahaha
  4. Haha don't let that happen man, it's too easy to get into (almost) personality changing habits when high. I used to do the same thing, it amused me. I don't any more and I'm glad I don't. People get sick of that quick and thanks for the definition Sirsog. God to know.

  5. you clearly missed the fact i was being cynical with my response man hahahahahahahahah im just messin
  6. my patience gets a lot shorter, which is why im hesitant to toke with people new to the maryjane
    fuck around and spill bong water on my floor? your cleaning that shit up, refilling the bong, missing your next turn, and getting me a fruit cup.

    Shit- yeah i do get cynical
  7. weed made me a bit more arrogant..
  8. cynical? nah

    and maybe you aren't being cynical but are just seeing things for how they really are??

    personally I overthink things when high, and sometimes I psych myself out (like with women)

    I am definitely more confident sober but being stoned brings so much to the table that it's okay with me.. :smoke:
  9. #9 SickCrab, Oct 7, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 7, 2010
    haha im takin that into considderation next time someone spills my bong water.

    agreed man, i feel like that others deem that as cynical because they just dnt see it the same way i do, or the way it really is, i was recently called a cynic because i told my housemate pig pharma and alc profit off of addicition and are banking on the fact u get hooked on their substances and wanna drink ur problems away, i guess he feels that big pharma really wants you to be healthy and medication free!
  10. That is sure sign that you have predominant Caucasus gene a.k.a so called,self proclaimed "jews".:hello:

  11. i wouldnt say i get arrogant. My ego gets inflated a little and have more confidence.
  12. Why do you guys have so many issues with spilling the bong water? Does it happen alot to you guys? Me and my buddies never spill the bong water.
  13. ^^exactly kinda person i don't wanna blaze with

    i just like to keep it chill. if someone fucks up or something i'm just extra nice and things progress...
  14. missin the next turn is a lil harsh, fruit cups are irresitable thou thats a small price to pay
  15. I do every now n then, reallllyyy annoyin cos i'm usually a laugh. I don't mean to be the annoyin bitch it just happens, usually when i've had a bad day or someone annoys me and my patience runs loww
    but yeah i know what you mean!
  16. I haven't payed taxes in 6 years and i'm not about to get busted by a damn sandwhich. :devious:

  17. I always thought about it, and if Shake were part of real life, I would hate that motherfucker
  18. that cats more chill then you
  19. Im a rational man but when i relax with mary im a bit more in touch with my emotions.. Never cynical though.

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