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Anyone else get overwhelmed when they got their MMJ Reccomendation? What to do

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by CaliOGKush, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. I recently got my medical recommendation here in California and have had my eyes opened, from dozens of top shelf strains to choose from individually, hundreds of strains to choosing from Indica, hybrid, sativa, being told the thc % in the bud,to choose from many edibles (drinks, smoothies, peanut butter) concentrates, tinctures.

    The prices and deals at some of these dispensaries are great as well.

    I used to smoke 1/8th every weekend, now I'm at the point where I'm up to smoking a little over 1/8th a day, with edibles, trying concentrates, there is so much to try.

    I don't think i've wrapped my head around it, to have all of it and the science of it, i've been through over 40 grams in the past few days.
  2. keep on smokin homie
    try growin your own, im sure if your in cali u can get a doctors note for that to lol
  3. you just gotta get your red wings hahahahahaha

    take like 3-4 oil hits in a row and then come back
  4. youd sweat your ass off
  5. Lol enjoy mate
  6. I was overwhelmed, but I got into an opposite kind of groove where I didn't need to smoke as much because the quality was so much higher. I've been buying 1/4s and 1/8s and 1/2s and have accumulated around a quarter pound. It's seeing it and buying it thats a problem for me. I keep finding better weed all the time and I just can't NOT buy it!

    I probably smoke a quarter gram a day so at this rate, I'll have plenty for the end of the world...and beyond!
  7. smoke hash
    thatll help the conservative
  8. At first I got overwhelmed with all the "New Patient Deals" everywhere, and realizing just how many dispensaries were around me to go to at any given moment...but after that you just kinda get used to it. Out here most of the people I know are brushing off regular bud for concentrates, but at least for me, I don't like to get couchlocked or stoned off my ass, especially if I've gotta drive somewhere, unless it's right before bed, so I just stick to Sativas and Sativa-dominant hybrids. You can also grab some clones from a dispensary and try growing them like someone else mentioned...once you get a plant going and harvest it, you kinda get hooked and it's really rewarding and an awesome feeling of accomplishment if it turns out well, you get the pleasure of saying "yeah, I grew that myself".

    Answering someone else's remark, you can get a Grower's Recommendation out here too. They are a little stricter guidelines to get one (not by much I don't believe, as compared to the process for a regular Rec. haha), but with that comes the greater risk of legal problems if you plan to grow large. Grower Rec is not really needed unless you plan on becoming a couple people's caregiver, or wanna do the "Cultivation Reimbursement" that some clubs offer.

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