anyone else get like this?

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  1. In the past few weeks I've been seeing a lot of new releases in the theaters by first getting baked before hand and then when I'm watching the movie/previews/whatever I hear people talking in my hearing proximity, all saying how high me or my friends and I are. Is this real? Am I really hearing that every conversation between people I don't know going on around me is about me? I don't see how that would be possible. Whenever I hear a stranger talking it seems like it's always about me or my friends and it's driving me nuts. I then proceed to ask my high friend if he heard it too and he says he did. Am I getting paranoid around strangers talking in the background? o fuck is that paranoid schizophrenia?
  2. No, a crowd will distort the actual conversation and mix it with others.

    "That movie was awesome!"
    "Did you see that guy at the end, he head just exploded!"
    "The new trailer for *movie* looks amazing.."
    "I hate having to sit so high up in the theater, I can hardly see."

    My theory anyways. =)
  3. the talking comes from the single person, not the distorted sound of everyone as a group.
  4. Are you sure? =)
  5. Yeah, I agree with the guy above me kinda. I think a lot of the time people do notice and comment, but it's nothing to worry about even if they do...
  6. hahahahahahahahaha :laughing: i could see that happening.
  7. idk if it's real. way back when "half baked" came out (1995ish), naturally me and my friends went to see it, and of course fogged the car on the way there. well, walking into the theater we were surprised to see that most of the people in that particular theater were of the grade school age!!?? and we absolutley reeked of herb, and what did all three of us hear? everyone whispering about how we smelled like "burning leaves" and how red our eyes were.
    to this day we still don't know if we heard it or not, but our group was the only group to "get" most of the jokes in that movie.
  8. That's fucking insanely clever, how'd you come up with that??

    I know what you mean when you say you hear people talking like that, the worst thing you can do is slowly turn around and stare at them for a full minute while trying to figure out if they actually said it, haha.
  9. like any thing if u have to much there are side affects!! to much T.H.C can make u a bit paranoid dont freak mate its normal either have a break for a week or so or try and score some weed with a high CBD content in it rather than a high THC content! indicas have a high CBD content and sativas a high THC so if you get a choice were u are go for things like kush,cali orange,keep away from haze,durban! if you dont get a choice or not to clued up on strains then just have a break and u'll be fine:):smoking:
  10. OMG SHUT UP. This is why herb gets a bad fucking name. It does NOT make you hear things. Of course people will say something, you fucking reek of it, your eyes are half shut, and glossy. No fucking shit people around you will talk about it.
  11. This happens to me ALL the time if im in public. I usually just keep listening and it turns out they werent talking about me. EXCEPT for one time they DEFINTLY were. Just stoned out of my mind, no clear eyes in pinos pizza me and a buddy were sitting and these tough guys are waiting in line next to our table and they no question said:
    "Which one takes it in the ass you think?" I could barely compute it, and was way to high to respond
  12. Here are things I heard people say last night at the premiere of Up in 3-D:

    (no particular order)

    "Put them in the corner."
    "Probably trippin balls."
    "Look at him."
    "They are funny though."
    "He's gonna pass out, just wait for it."
    "Wait for it!"
    "I don't know what they're on about."
    "They are freakin out."
  13. Even if people did say that, why even let it effect you in any way? They're not shit talking you, or insulting you and yet you let it negatively effect you. Don't let other people bring you down because in the end you're in control of what breaks you
  14. I'd be paranoid thinking they'll snitch.
    When im in public i just keep my eyes low and stay quiet
  15. fuck em who cares a normal person is just gonna be like fuck i wish i was high too
  16. Whenever I see other guys that are clearly high, I try and make eye contact or give them a a, "Hey man you're really high I wish I was too" kind of thing.
  17. wot r u on about? cause it makes u freak out and ppl freak in differnt ways! i remember one time i was convinced the pigs followed me home after a very heavy smokin session at this dealrs pad and i would of bet my life i heard a police radio in my back yard!! i barracaded myself in untill my girlfriend got home!!:)

  18. Loll right on man :smoking: Haha the only time I worry about other ppls comments is if I'm at school or alone around strangers, if I'm with friends I don't sweat it. Usually I chill w/ experienced tokers so I'm pretty confident that we are all being smart about not being TOO obvious or setting ourselves up to get caught ;)
  19. Dude, I think the KGB is after you!

    In all seriousness i wouldn't worry about it, if your the kinda person that doesn't like it when people know your high, take some more precautions. If not, more power to you! :D
  20. Awesome post!! It even rhymes!
    I get this sometimes walking through crowds it feels like everyone is looking at me. Maybe they are..

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