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Anyone else get acute memory/focus loss from weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by theonexx, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. I love weed but i think it may be affecting me pretty harshly.

    I used to have an elephant memory. Even my friends used to comment me on this. I could remember every detail of pretty much everything I did in my life at any time.

    I feel like my memory has been progressively getting worse over the past two years that I have been smoking. Especially recently. This summer I smoked like almost every day. Now schools back in session and my memory is SHIT

    Like seriously, when people ask me what i did last weekend...I have NO idea. I just can't remember. And god knows wtf I did two weekends ago. I really can't remember. Sometimes its hard for me to even remember what i did yesterday. And focusing on school work is extremely hard. Especially when having to read passages or write essays. It's like my mind can't recall things no matter how hard I try. I can't visualize things or memories the way I used to.

    Anyone else experience this? Any solution to it besides stop smoking? Is it permanent? Does the quality of the bud affect this?
  2. i can remember the weekends and stuff
    its just when im high i have short term memory
    think thats normal though
    im not sure about your case :/
  3. My memory is sometimes what yours is. Only if it's been a boring weekend or i've been zoning out. Idk what to tell ya. Marijuana affects the memory, but it seems like you had an excellent memory and now it's taking a turn for the worse. Lay off the weed for a bit and see if that helps.
  4. Thats normal.. i cant remember shit all, i dont even know what i did yesterday. I dont even know where I am! Whats my name? HUH? KILLER REEFER KILLED MY MEMORIEZZZZ:p
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    I only recently started smoking (about 2 years weekly, the last 3 months smoking every day) but I've had almost no problem as a result of green.

    I work as a teller )the job title is Customer Service Representative/CSR) in a Canadian bank, and goddamn am I tested everyday on focus/memoy.

    It's a little behind the other banks in modernization, so it's very easy to make an input error. Since it's a bank, however, everything is recorded, tracked, and balanced. This means you have to find every mistype (and trust me, the numbers you type in a day must be absurd because the growth is so exponential. There are 6 and 7 digit cheques's, credit card numbers, account numbers, transit(branch location) numbers, bank numbers, phone numbers to verify bank draft serial numbers, password numbers, registered (electronic) bills account #s, numbers to pack every single type of currency received and given.. get the idea?)

    Ok, and then the real issues:
    There's two programs, one with a yellow command on a black background that looks like something out of 93, and a windows 95 menu bar style gui.

    The problem is: The windows 95 doesn't have everything. It only has the basics implemented.
    For bank drafts, credit card payments not from an account, putting a message on an account, or doing anything with a debit card, you need that "command line with number inputs" program.
    You can't even change a fuckin address in CBFE, but there is an IE7 browser as the "new improved" gui for customer profiles. It's awkward, slow, and awkward to use, so everyone continues to use the original.

    Oh, and did I mention about 10% of these inputs will change 400 to $4.00 instead of $400.00?

    I have less problems with memory and focus than most, and I smoke weed every day. :)

    edit: oh man im stoned, I just wrote an essay in response to nothing to do with the ops topic, and I didn't even write my second paragraph on memory..

    lol sorry for using grasscity as a fucking ejournal
  6. :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  7. it means your smoking too much man.
    the same exact thing happened to me.
    ive layed off a little and, dont get me wrong, its still dificult, but it has gotten SLIGHTLY better
  8. I dunno, man. I have memory problems every once in a while. It comes and goes. But when I go a long time without smoking, eventually it comes back. If you're worried, then just stop smoking for a while. MJ really does effect the memory, my friend.
  9. well its hard to remember shit that happened when you were high and about 6 hours after the high went away. so if you smoked all the summer you probably not gonna remember much of it lol. You regain full memory capacity after a day without smoking so just toke less.
  10. i get the standard short term memory loss... but what i notice more is loss of focus, when ive been smoking alot, but not necessarily when i'm high. i'll just zone out a little bit at work or whatever. it tapers off, but not after a day.. more like a week or two.
  11. bud is in no way shape or form, affecting your memory when you do not smoke it.
  12. I have smoked for 13 years daily and I can recall everything when Im not high. I have no problem focusing on task. I know that doesnt help you but I wouldnt blame the weed. Sometimes if you have a lot going on in life you focus more on one thing then another.
  13. Yeah it's hard to focus remember and concentrate sometimes for me
    But i've always had those problems
    Except for memory mine is solid as hell especially with directions
    YOu tkae me somewhere once and I'll know exactly ow to get there for years
    But I do end up forgetting alot of shit
    it might be form the klonopin though, who knows.
    I find that if I put my mind to it and focus i will actually focus better then I did when I never smoked.
    You just have to put your mind to it.

  14. you seem so sure.....

    weed affects people differently. some people, myself included, arent very sharp when smoking every single day. others are... but that doesnt change the fact that im not. :wave:

    i think you should try cutting back, op. not stopping, just slowing down. you might be happier.
  15. studies have proven it doesnt permanently affaect memory.. now if you smoke every day, of course your going to have problems
  16. right on, we agree.
  17. eh, ive always had shitty short term memory. but weed hasnt really effected my long term memory so nope. not really.
  18. i took an iq test when i was 16, my IQ was 117. i started smoking weed when i was 17, im now 19 and my IQ is 85 lol
  19. IQ of 85? You can't be serious!
  20. lol

    (dumbass) i hope you arent trying to be serious

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