Anyone else feel like GC's gettin kinda dull?

Discussion in 'General' started by That One Stoner, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. I tend to be one of those people whos off and on grass city for months. So you see a change in the atmosphere and the way things are. Maybe Im in the wrong threads. And maybe other peolple dont feel this way. But the blades who used to be hilarious are just gone. Posts/threads dont seem to be responded to as quickly. And ive noticed a LARGE portion of people who are over sensitive that came outta no where. Ig im saying it doesn't feel the same. People on here used to make me crack up all the time

    Can anyone relate or am i on my own here?
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  2. The threads on my time line aren't worth responding to, and the threads I've particapted in are moving slow and dying. So yeah. Dull.
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  3. if you havent go to post your thoughts, you can leave for like 1 hr sometimes and there will have been lots of different discussions
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  4. [​IMG]

    does that help Op? you laughing now? haha jk, things change....go through phases. I think GC is 10 times better now with this new layout.
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  5. I know what You mean. I usually come on here when I'm in a period of non smoking to try to pass my knowledge on to others from a sober perspective. It does get redundant when all you see is drug test, laced weed, and anxiety threads
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  6. Seriously , i feel like its the same few questions asked over & over and over again.
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  7. I at least appreciate the humor shots used to be fired 24/7. I just think now the insults are elementary
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  8. haha, it's always been like that least since I've been here. Always an abundance of mommy stole my bong threads, laced, how many grams is this, etc.

    I will say GC has gone through a metamorphosis of sorts, but I still think the heart of the community is still alive.
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  9. Its like eating the same food over and over. Or smoking the same strain. Sooner or later youll get sick of it
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  10. But throught out all the garbage you could usually find some interesting or funny stuff. I just miss the comedians

    The peolpe on the cultivation threads definitely are still great. Super informative
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  11. Lol pyt...
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  12. Blades, I just picked up this killer pipe for $10 do u think i got ripped off?
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  13. I think you need to find the guy that sold it to you and pay him another $20 TBH
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  14. [​IMG]

    He said it looks different because it's a killer new strain from Somalia.
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  15. More like he ripped himself off that is a damn nice pipe.
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  16. Yeah i lurked for like 5 years before making an account and i have to say, its really gone downhill. The best users were banned and now its just, well dull. I always say 2008-2014 were the best years for grasscity

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  17. Its probably laced bro
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  18. nope I like it here.
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  19. I liked my weed like I like my women
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  20. Patience my friend. I've been lurking these hallways for a while now and I still see a large amount of friendly, funny, knowledgable people on here. Sure some of the older members might have moved on from the forum because of busy schedules or tired or trolls but the great information still remains! To me it's all about supporting your fellow blade and having a good time. I don't see the need to argue or be hostile to anyone ever on here even the ignorant people. Come check out my journal if you want man I have some great people along for the ride and we always have room for many more!!


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