Anyone else ever just want to drop everything and move to India?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by throshman, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Just give a big middle finger to school, job, taxes, politics, apartments, houses, cars, etc., and just run away to a foreign country? Rent a shitty bike or motorcycle and spend the next 3 years cruising through crowded cities and mountain roads?

    'Cuz I think about it all the time. Just wish I had the balls to do it...
  2. i always wanted to go play in a muddy puddle in india too!
  3. Why India??

    Do it man.. You only live once... You should experience the world as a whole as best you can... It's a life changing experience.
  4. I dunno, India just always seemed like a cool place. It just seems like it kinda has a unique culture, you know? I mean, lots of European countries are pretty similar to each other in spite of the different languages, and who could seriously tell you the cultural differences between Pakistan, Tajikistan, and all those other Middle Eastern countries?

    To me, it just seems like a place that's super laid-back, exotic, and spiritual, with a good balance between remote rural-ness and big cities, without any of the widespread disease of Africa or violence of the Middle East.

    Like I said, I dunno, just seems like a cool place.
  5. Not India, but other countries, yes.
  6. For me, it would have to be either Russia or Japan. Never going to India again....
  7. I hear you on that...but not India, I would try somewhere tropical.
  8. India, Japan, or Amsterdam(Holland) have a large appeal to me.
  9. i plan on going to amsterdam one of these days for a month or so
    and just kick back my boy :D
  10. man i always think about just going out into the wilderness and just living off the land like that dude from into the wild. i think it would be awesome to just go out there and try to survive for at least a month all by yourself. i think it would be amazing but then i think about how that book ended.. kinda turns me off the idea.
  11. No, I've always dreamed of just dropping off the radar and roaming around Europe for a year. Just doing odd jobs for cash.

  12. ^^^^^^^^^c/s
  13. my stepmom went to india for a month for business, and after hearing the stories of rabid dogs, cows and homeless by the masses running around shitting in the streets (all of the creatures above) and begging, she said she gave somethign to 1 kid, next thing she knows theres 30 mofuckas all round her, go if u want man, but i like asphalt in the street, not shit
  14. Not at all. It is a very chaotic, fast paced, ritualistic not spiritualistic, exotic only because its not what your used to country.

    There is spirituality, real spirituality, but it must be sought, and you need to be developed spiritually yourself to be able to find what is real and what is fraudulent or wannabe spirituality and is more ritual than spiritual.

    It is a very messy, very hectic country, most of it. Youll find more silence in villages, but in most villages you will find rituality not spirituality, and won't really find it exotic after being there for awhile.

    But if your purpose is finding yourself, getting away from the rat race, and your ready for a real experience in your inner space, go for it.

    I'm from India myself, very urban person, grew up in an international school, came to the states two years ago to study. Im going back this Friday to become renunciant and take sanyass in an ashram.
  15. I often think about this, and with problems piling up recently, I'm seriously considering bouncing to canada, as opposed to my original plan to move to england.
    I've been saving my nickels, all I need is enough for a train ticket and lodging for the first month, rebuild my life, and be glad I had the balls to do it.
  16. that is so epic, i really want to leave canada and go to hawaii, i know it sounds clqishe but i want to be away from the cities and have a cabin in the jungle and live the rest of my life just chilling and growin vegitbles and shit, maybe a few chickens running around and have a few cycles of some sweet lemon skunk growing my life would be evnyious
  17. Ive worked retail in the Seattle suburbs, or as I like to call it "Little India".

    I cant stand fresh off the boat Indians. So demanding and haggles like its their last dollar.

    Going to India would be like Dawn of the Durka.
  18. india is definitely not what youre making it out to be. ive been there, and have little desire to go back.
  19. Yea I think about this all the time man, but Mexico or Japan instead of the India. But I have traveled to many states and countries and I cant see myself living anywhere but Cali. Idk maybe one day though.
  20. I was thinking more like the north pole? maybe not?

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