Anyone else ever had Famous Dave's BBQ?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tuor, Nov 22, 2011.

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    Cause I just did...

  2. famous dave's is alright.

    smokin' al's is better.
  3. :eek: they have Dave's in NY?
  4. yep. i got that platter in the trash can.
  5. I had that famous daves burger with pulled pork, burger, and bbq sauce on it one time. Best burger I've had in my life. Only time I've ever ate at famous daves though, wish there was one near me.
  6. dude...that mac n' cheese...

    ...dear lord...
  7. famous daves is fucking fire! hands down one of the best bbq places to go. especially for a chain. anyone ever tried serious texas bbq?
  8. Famous dave's is pretty good. I go there occasionally.

    Smokey bones is really good, though.
  9. I fucking LOVE this place! Amazing ribs
  10. i had dave's insanity hot sauce. brought it to school in 10th grade, distributed it's insane spice to tons of kids. result? detention every single day from january to april.
  11. fuck yeah, I knew some blades had to know about le Dave's

    I heard that the founder was on Man Vs Food or one of those eating shows, up until recently I thought it was just a Wisconsin/Midwest chain. Been to the original one in Hayward, WI :cool:

    I've had a lot of BBQ, and Dave's might not be the very best on earth but it's right fucking up there. Brisket is legendary.
  12. There isn't one in STL but I go to the one in Bloomington when I go up there once a year to play paintball. Shit is a treat every time.

    I have their awesome pickles in my fridge. I can literally 1/5th of that jar in one sitting they are so good.
  13. my sister used to work their its pretty good

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