Anyone else dex'n tonight?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by theVirtuoso, May 31, 2009.

  1. I downed a zicam cough max awhile ago, so that's ~391mg of dxm and its startin to kick in real good.

    gettin my smoke on, got the headphones is and i'm about to cut off my visual senses as well and let the trip unfold... just gotta feeeel it.

    i'll try and check back on, but im gonna be blazing soon and turning all the lights off while i lie in bed and listen to my ipod.

    lifes been stressful... i always feel so much better after i "trip" on dxm so everyone have a good night and if i dont make it back on peace and good vibes :smoke:
  2. that's tight dude the only experiences I have with dxm have been neggotive, which really upsets me. I think I would like it but the night always ends with me throwing up at like three in the morning. I like the effects but the nauseau absolutely ruins it for me
  3. still cant see straight.... not all that high anymore , though.

    however last night was awesome.
  4. What did you realise?
  5. Me and buddy are going to be splitting about 470 mg of pure DXM today, which should work out to be a low-level second plateau experience.
  6. last night i took dxm about 600.. i was kinda trippin.. just talkin to my self out loud to sencless BS.. pretty funny.. ha. me and my sis are goin to be doin it again tonight.. but im goin to up my dose.. instead of 1 delsym grape.. ima do like 2 or so.. cuz ima get abunch of bottels..and then dump all of themm in a 2 litter and then put some water in then cap it then shake it.. then let it sit for about 2-3 hours.. that a good way to get like 4 bottels of delsym.. so its like 2 for me and 2 for my sister but all in powder form of pure DXM
  7. After i saw the intervention of the guy who was addicted to DXMi dont really want to try it lol. He lived in his moms basement and would fucking shit in a bucket. He would walk around talking Nonny to himself (Nonny=Non sense) and he would eat random shit off the ground, fucking weirdo. but i feel bad.
  8. Then do this:

    Soak all that powder in Lemon Juice for a few hours. Like three.

    Dissolves all the plastic coating off the shit and you have straight up DXM.
  9. Haha, i was. the time OP posted this thread i was just starting to feel the DXM. It was my 1st time too. a lil over 300mgs. i wasnt the only 1 dex'n!

    It was like a drunk type of high. felt strange, but it was a good experience. i will deff do it again. i will have to be a lil more prepared next time, i will need an mp3 player.

    i keep tryin to listen to music on my laptop then some songs i didnt like would come on, i would have to get up and change it or the laptop light was wayyy too bright.

    still fun.
  10. nobody else itches like a fucking freak on this shit? cant stand it
  11. actually i did not get the robo itch last night. i was suprised because the last two times i popped vicodin i got that seriously annoying itch that ppl get from opiates. im sure its the same feeling.
  12. oh man fun night...

    i had very mild visuals, but i was meditated while on the trip and I just love it... I don't even want to go into details because i'm taking it today as well and it's kicking in right now so mind any odd typing... just letting my ipod charge hehe :D

    ive had only mild psychedelic experiences with DXM, but the euphoria and dissociative properties of that euphoria is orgasmic.
  13. me im dex'nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn s
  14. nice man, im starting to lose my sight... ive got my whole trip to go.... im excited :D

    trying to play hardcore war on CoD:WaW but it's too hard.
  15. i tried COD bro but i coudlnt focus i was tripping to hardi stil am holy shit

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