Anyone else blaze and study?

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by MoosePaw, May 4, 2011.

  1. I feel like blazing and studying conceptually-difficult material is like the holy grail to making physics related classes easier, anyone else have experiences like this?
  2. It makes me a beast at sex
  3. I was going to this shit community college and the biology instructor i got was known to be very difficult. I smoked everyday and studies while smoking for his class. Came out with a B without breaking a sweat.
  4. I've found the same thing. I have to work long hours doing different kinds of things, some that involve lots of research. Weed has always given me the stamina to maintain attention and remain creative. If you need to get focussed solely on one subject it's very good.

  5. i enjoy math high, it makes me more motivated to do it plus i can keep all my trains of though under control rather then all over the place when i'm adhdsober
  6. I have a similar experience, for me it's a little more limited.

    When I was in school I would only ever be toasted when writing an essay. The creativity helped my words flow better. But I needed to have a structured outline prepared otherwise I would tend to ramble.

    I could never straight-up study while high, the retention was simply not there for me. The attention span was, but it didn't stick nearly as well when sober.

    Be strategic is my advice. Use it as a reward when it doesn't work during studying.
  7. I'm a poli sci guy so being high means I can get through these 50 page readings without dying of boredom. Also I write papers very well when stoned but it has to be a certain level of highness lol, i can't be blitzed it's like a nice medium.
  8. How you doing Sam?:) Good to see you posting.


  9. You bring up a very interesting point. I've made quite a few observations during my years as a smoker, and when focusing on one particular thing, weed supersedes a sober mind.

    i.e. Concentrating on complicated mathematical expressions. When you look at them high, you understand every component of the equation, and store it in a little memory box (Kind of like RAM in a computer, easily accessible and very CLEAR ideas are stored there). With that being said, all of these clear thoughts are contained in an easily accesible vat of memory, therefore making it much easier to solve the problem or question you have.
  10. I can't "study" study while high because my mind wanders and my retention goes down, but if I'm a little baked and go to a lecture or something I focus on the material more and remember more of it afterwards. And I write better essays if I'm high enough to be creative and euphoric, but not stoned to the point where I just write nonsense (which has happened lol).
  11. Algebra can be downright exciting when stoned.

    and yes, +biology~ is like a Discovery Channel I-Max Movie when I go high.
  12. study high
    test high
    get high scores.
  13. Stoned calculus is the best.

  14. exactly!! but im a beast even when im not baked

  15. Yeah, solving physics problems using calculus can be quite rewarding! I usually take a victory toke after a hard problem and feel like a boss doing it.
  16. ^^ even in class?
  17. study high, score high
  18. my rule is study high only after youve learned the material sober.
    trying to learn new material ripped is just never good
  19. i agree with wes.

    learn the basics. then roast a bowl, lol.

    new stuff for me, the retention simply isn't there. but i'm looking for alternate ways to familiarize myself more readliy with the subject at hand.
  20. I like to study or read about an hour after smoking. It helps me focus and stay interested longer

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