Anyone bud with a RSX?

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  1. HEY! im new to this so second post here it goes!. nobody in Maryland has a RSX , at least that ive seen im wondering if my car is any sort of popular anywhere else. i kinda wanna do mods to it. but im a nissan girl hence the username savagenismo lol i hope i get some repliers!.

  2. @[member="Markc05"] well thank you for replying first of all! i checked out that Skunk2 & its awesome thank you!. one thing that is making me depressed is my car paint is chipping. badly. and when i mean badly..... but the snow keeps makings it worse the ice literally chips off my paint. i was debating on getting a new bumper  or just painting it a different color and it just gets under my skin since i just purchased the car in january. lol i hope you can see the image ![​IMG]
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    K20 FO LYFE!!! i will soon be joining the Honda community but with a bastard B series 3rd gen Prelude. theres  massive aftermarket support for RSX's. doesnt matter if you have the Type S or not, but the Type S redlines at like 8 grand or something wacky like that. have fun and post more pics when you thaw out! Mugen you shit out! you know Nismo works Nissan, Mugen is for Honda. you mentioned replacing the bumper.......
    i named my dog Mugen.
  4. Well hey! Thanks for that ! Haha I've heard great mugen reviews as well. My cars preeettttty fucked at the moment. I got mine for 6. It's a base but I kinda wanna mod it out ! My car insurance would be cheaper I got the base than type-s so that's why lol. Idk any reliable sources to get worthy engine mods and accessories, I've been a nissan girl always and I kinda wanna start learning about the rsx world lol i l like this color and I would never trust maaco lol
    r ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392408627.870718.jpg

  5. That's looks like a matte paint. A whole car in that colour and you saying lots of chips a paint job could easily go over 2000$ the typical mods you will look at are intake exhaust vtec controller wheels suspension. Intake and exhaust are usually good starting points.
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    :/. So ugly.
  7. What the hell? What did you hit? Your hood is out of alignment to. I would get a bumper from the scraper
  8. there should be some tuning shops in your greater city area. theres like 15 shops in the Houston area alone! just gewgel that isht.
  9. @El Duderino it sucks@[member="Markc05"] i know its terrribleee nobody in md has rsx's ive checked plenty of junkyards! oh yeah sliding into a huge snow pile really does it.  but thats not why the paint started to come off. the ice literally just ripped it :(
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    Rsx....they look nice....have a good engine... but elephant in the room.....fwd...but does not sound like u got it to race an I bet you look sexy as hell stepping out that shit...
  11. @[member="invinciblejets"] i wish i had one of theseeeee ( please excuse my fattnesss, ive gotten a lot better in the past years lol. idk which one i would rather want. NSX or 300zx. lol ive always been a nissan girl.
    its a great car so far, really really light and the handling is was more better than my old cars ( 97 maxima and 03 altima) lol those were boats compared to my rsx!. 

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