anyone bmx?

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  1. i do... not too good can only bunny hop and foot jam.. having trouble on the tail whip :/ anyone else here bmx?
  2. footjam tailwhip? or just straight up tailwhip? i'd attempt a barspin or x-up before you go for a tailwhip lol.
  3. Its been a long time but I used to ride. I agree with motion on the x-up. It was one of the first things I learned. What bike you got?

  4. footjam tailwhip

    and i got a custom parts bike from a friend
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    Yessir! I actually was at the X-games you could see me on TV during the BMX big air. I go to Woodward for a month every year. Not too amazing but I try :D Own a Hoffman 2011 Condor EC.
    EDIT: Used to ride around with these guys 24/7, one of them used to be my dealer :D but he quit selling a while ago.
  6. i can do stright up tailwhips flat but cant barspin...i think tailwhips are the easist think apart from spins and no footers or tuck nos
  7. I work at a pizza place with a pro bmx dude, def paul. He's pretty good and I think he's been on x-games. You should check him out. He rides chainless and he lost all of his hearing when he was young but he still has some of it with hearing aids.

    [ame=""]‪Deaf Paul Inspirational BMX Biker‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

  8. i have a confession...

    im dave mirra
  9. Confession I think Dave Mirra is a dick n nothin more than a good for nothing trickster, what kinda Ryder only like park n vert, y play in the park when u can explore the jungle that is street
  10. jersey in da house!!!!

    do you know lil lou?
  11. Riding bmx is the shit! Expecially when youre high. I was at woodward west a while ago, learned backflips! :smoke:
  12. my main bitch :D

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  13. Better question any one ave any vids on u tube bmxin
  14. Looks clean

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