anyone been busted?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by willum8914, May 17, 2004.

  1. does anyone have any great (i should say horrible) stories about gettin busted by parents, the po, any authoritve figure? if so, post your story here!!! here in america, we like to hear about the pain and suffering of other people. JK
  2. I got busted a few months ago and am now on probation. That shit sucks ass, its like worse then a minimum security prison. Its like no fun at all. Atleast in prison you can do some shit or shit. I dunno im rambling.
  3. omg
    i no all about being busted
    ive been expelled from school 3 times and been in juvy more times i can count now that im old enough to go to jail im glad i havnt got busted.
  4. Wassup boi!!!!
  5. I go suspended from school this past week, for the rest of teh school year, missing finals...

    I was in gym, 9th hour, and the security told me to follow him to the locker room. I followed him to see my friend sitting in from of our locker with the cheif of police....

    he told me to open the locker, i was like "o shit it have a half and a pipe in there, along with a RAZOR i cut blunts with!" so i opened it, i was shaking, he askeed if those were my clothes i said yes, he told me to take them out. I was like "well, there goes high school, and college". so i took out my clothes and my pipe fell out of my pant pocket. he searched me, my clothes and my backpack. They fould the pipe, the weed, and a lighter. We went upstairs to search my friends backpack, he had a pipe and about 5 grams.

    We went to our assistant principals, the cop came in asked some questions, a lady came in and tested the weed with the purple chemical test-it turned purple. Then the cop came in tole me id have to take a chem dipendency class, and i have a court date Jun 25.

    I found out by easdropping on the ass. principal and the cop that i wasnt even getting busted, someone snitched on my friend, so they just wanted me to take my pants out of my locker, and just my luck...the pipe fell out which gave them reason to search me....!?!!!

    No i am going to get slapped with a $100 fine for the pipe and a $100 fine for the weed. then i would have to take chem dependency classes, and maybe have probation. And now this is on my record for job applications and resumes for college...errrrr

    Thank God they did not find my razor in my wallet, i would have gotten expelled, failed all of my classes automatically, and be suspended next year....

    well that is my story sory if i rambled...kinda stoned right now.

  6. o that sucks a crapload

  7. I disagree because I like the size of my ass hole ...

    Yeah iv gotten busted before, but not for weed maybe someday ill feel like sharing it

  8. God dmanit people stop bringing weed to school, why bring something illegal to the hive of queers and squares?
  9. a while back me and my friend stole his moms car and we went out driving at 12 oclock in the morning on a school night
    first we smoked a few bowls out of a bottle pipe i made
    and for some reason i kept the pen mouthpeice and ditched the bottle
    then we went to wegmans(store) to get some food but only had like a dollar so my friend got a gatorade and i stole some coricidin while i went around looking for some endust( luckyly i didnt find it)
    we then went cruising and just drove around town going 65 miles an hour
    we drove around a while then found out we forgot the gatorade at wegmans so we went back but somehow went to the one on the otherside of town
    as we were going inside some girl drove up and asked us if we were stoned and then offered us some cigs
    after that we both drove away with the lights off and started heading home. when we got to the street we saw what we thought was this girl and decided to race her and went 75 down the street and then stopped when she was far enough behind and just our luck we were really racing the cops
    they stopped us and asked for licence but we were both 15 so no lisence
    they then searched us and found the pen i had and a empty bag and a lighter on me and a lighter and coricidin on my friend
    they then searched the car and asked if we ever heard of endust, coricididen (cop couldnt pronounce it) and asked if we had ever smoked weed before
    we both said it was our first time with weed and never tryed coricidin before
    my friend said we went to wegmans and bought the coricidin but the cop didnt believe so called them up and had them search the video files and found us on tape stealing it
    we then had both our mothers called and sat in the back of the police car for what seemed like hours and then my mom came and i went home
    my friends mom hadnt come when i left so i dont know what happened with him

    then i went home got bitched at and went to sleep
    a month later when the police report got mailed to my parents i looked at it and we were so lucky that because it was a first offence wegmans dropped charges for stolen coricidin and we were given a warning

    sorry for story being so long
  10. i got suspended for 10 days but not for was for drinking a full lipton ice tea bottle of bacardi 151 in 25 min on a empty stomach and walking around the school stumbling ....i didnt get caught with anything on me but my B.A.C was .24

    sorry for ramblin ...very stoned
  11. a few months ago me and my buddy (neither of our parents had any clue that we smoked) got caught for smokin weed

    we baught a half ounce and smoked about 10 Gs in his sauna when his parents werent gonna be backfor a day..

    The next day his dad went in the sauna, b-b-busted :) worth it though, first time i ever hallucinated music

    2 days later it still stunk hauhahuhe

  12. Well, as many other stories here begin...I was chillin out at school...i had JUST bought a 20 sack before lunch, and smoked most of it with a friend. We both handle our shit extremely well though, and we smoke up every week at school.

    Just my luck, it was the day they decided to check school IDs as we entered the door...I didnt have friend did, and he was off to class. I thought i was just gonna go get another ID from the machine in the office, and then the hall monitor said i had a lot of cologne on...the ass. principal started flipping out and had the school officer come down and speak to me. I was speaking to her, and she was the same officer that caught me at the park with a bottle of everclear and gave me a warning, but this time i wasnt so lucky.

    She called my parents and got permission to search me...i had about 2 grams left of good dro, and my bowl....FULL of resin, a pair of roachclips, some papers, a blunt wrap, and my $40 gold engraved zippo lighter.

    So, i finallty went to court a week or so ago, and i got CONSENT PROBATION. Meaning, as long as i dont get caught again before im 17 its off the record
  13. yeah i got busted, april 7th, reckless driving and poss. of mj. my court date was the 29th of april. the state trooper didnt show, the judge had no choice but to throw it out :D
  14. Do'h! Yeah...i ment 19....:rolleyes::rolleyes:
  15. Just lookin out for you bro... might wanna edit that storry though. :D

  16. hey whats endust

  17. My question exactly...what the hell is endust?
  18. Amen on the not bringing shit to school. Security guards have the right to search you whenever they fucking want, and hence if they suspect something they will. Cops, on the other hand, need nifty things like warrants.

    Yeah I've got busted before, by my mom. It was terrible, my friend and I were just smoking in my house's boiler room (horrible idea) at 12 at night (another horrible idea). We smoked two bowls, walked out, and saw my mom standing right outside the door.

    "What were you doing?"

    "Oh fuck. (five second pause) Smoking cigarettes."
    So then me and my friend basically just walked away and sat down and started watching TV. Incredibly stoned, obviously. So my mom came in and goes,

    "You guys were smoking pot."
    Well then I got into an argument with her, denying that I was. The only line I remember was,

    "Mom, just because it's not menthol doesn't mean it isn't cigarette smoke!"

    Holy fuck I was baked.

    Yeah so that sucked. I refused to give her my weed when she asked for it, which is probably the only reason I got away with keeping my pipe, but thank God I did. It's kinda funny now, and that's the only time I've really been caught red handed by anyone. I'm lucky enough to have only had 1 run in with the police, and he had nothing on me so he just gave me a ride back to my hotel. Piggie taxi service. :-D
  19. haha, shit i got busted my the cops in a boiler room of my friends apartment, we just smoked a bowl, and 2 cops rushed in....we had 8 grams of bud and a pipe, then i also got caught at school with a gram and had to take a clas...right now im on probation, and still tokin

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