Anyone attempted Golf Course grows?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by oldgrayhair, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this idea, so hopefully some experienced growers can chime in.

    My thinking is to first off avoid growing at home anymore, family makes the risk too high with the crazy laws and mandatory minimum sentences in Florida...maybe elsewhere as well.

    I'm addicted to golf, and thought if 2-4 plants could be grown at a handful of courses, it may can be done with proper planning.

    I have time until next year to plan it out, or to hear from enough of you that think it will never fly. :D

    The pros I have listed include the ease of getting supplies in, and the ease of getting harvests out. The golf bags today are huge and can hold much gear. Been around the golf scene long enough to know how to pick spots away from commonly walked areas.

    Figured starting the babies at home until they are right at a foot or so tall, then take 2-4 a week out into their outdoor homes.

    Weekly visits while golfing can provide a few minutes of check in time for nutes, water, pruning, etc.

    Big plus is keeping only a couple per course, not at home, should be very hard to "pin down" on anyone should they ever be discovered....not to mention the fact that more will be spread out, so it shouldn't be able to turn into a total loss.

    Thoughts from everyone are much appreciated.

    Peace, passion, and propagation, OGH
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  2. If your talk about growing on the golf course then noo. It will be seen and found. Or mowed...ect. If your talking about the woods next to a golf course and you know no one goes back their at all then do it. I am doing what I just said. But I know for a FACT that no one goes back their. You can't just be seen walking into the woods. So the answer to your question is NO not on te golf course but YES beside it in a woods.

  3. Haha, correct you are sir! :p Would never think of on the actual course, just meant the "property" so to speak in the woods. Thinking in the range of 15-30 yards farther than where folks would normally venture to look for their lost balls.

    Do you maintain the crops while under the guise of a normal golfer? Or take back way in and don't golf?

    Either way, how's it working for you? Hopefully successful.

    Thanks, OGH
  4. here is something to ponder ( Hmmm ) what does the summer work force usually consist of during the summer on a golf course ..... KIDS ..... some smart , some dumb , some older , some younger but the norm is 15 to 21 with all the caddies , crounds keeping help , other golfers that are into the same things as you ETC. I say no I say find a cool slightly out of the way and do what needs doing
    my 2 cents
  5. Appreciate the input northeast, thanks. The courses under consideration don't have the caddies...not quite that posh :D But I do see what you are saying with regards to the crew.

    Luckily, most folks here don't do much golfing in the heat of the summer days...only the truly hardcore are out.

    This is where as I play the courses over the next 6-7 months, I can be keeping detailed notes, GPS markers, etc. Then, with Google Earth, check for any back ways in if needed...or out for that matter.

    Still very much in the thinking phases, so please keep thinking of the possible pitfalls. I'm sure most here understand how when it's you in the picture, the pros always look good but its the cons that unbiased eyes/ears can bring to light to keep us all safe and growing.

    Peace, OGH
  6. What are these minimum mandatory laws in FL you speak of? just curious
  7. Sounds good to me.

    All I can say is do a pilot grow next year on a small scale, if it works, expand!!!
  8. Here is the link to the Florida penalties, with the MMS in there sizzlasia. Need to avoid that at all cost :eek:

    cantharis, thanks I hope to be able to do just that.

    Peace, OGH
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    I would have to say forget the grow on or beside the golf course its high traffic areas where people always are walking by with there noses which can smell many things.....catch my drift. Anyway with all your creativity there has to be better ideas for urban grows in your area. I don't know the laws in your area, only that the penalties for getting pinched are most likely jail time. So I have a better idea for you and your growing needs. Jump in your car and go for a small trip to national or state park closest to you and start there. This way you have better security as well as knowing your not going to get smacked with a golf ball in the cranium.<o:p></o:p>
  10. Hey oldgrayhair. I was looking at and it looks like MMS doesn't kick in unless you have 25-2000 lbs or 2,000 plants. I'm not suggesting you grow at home, but there is not a MMS for 2-4 plants just the maximum you could get.

    I'm growing 3 plants in a wooded area on my property so I do my fair worrying about the eyes in the sky.
  11. Yea i'd haft to say growing near golf courses is a bad idea. I Have several friends that work at surrounding golf courses in my area, and this is their favorite time of year. It seems every year someone else will attempt to grow in the woods surrounding them. And usually the younger kids always seems to think where theirs golf courses theres dope. And i no for a fact at the place wear i play the guys working there no exactly were this dudes weed is, every year. And most of the courses are run late into the night for sprinklers and shit so it very busy as well.
  12. oh yea what worked for me was Google maps. Get a picture of the general area you grow, map out the best possible spots and check them out for sunlight, accesability ect. I no it work great for me, i got a unused farmers field easily accessible by boat or walking, and is low key for the most parts.

  13. Heh, damn, there goes my plan of planting marijuana in all 18 holes at a number of courses.
  14. Excellent points everyone, much more to consider. I may just have to get on the bike and explore other areas....really wanting to try my hand at outdoor next year. Have done indoor, bathtub, farms for many years on and off. Just remember some of the sleepless nights.

    Thanks for the advice, exactly what I'm looking for.

    Peace, OGH
  15. I go back pack in from my house...and it's about 100+ feet into the woods. I already have stumbled across 2 grows in the same woods this year and they were right next to a tee box which is kinda stupid considering the smell but I went and checked on 1 just last week. It was like 8 inches flowering lol so i'm thinking it's one of the workers trying to grow but doesn't know how. So yeah you would have to plant around 50+ feet back in the woods because their will always be lurkers.

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