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  1. I have pulled them from 5 gallon smart pots to 20 gallon with fresh ocean forest soil. Waters and lollipoped. I know it's too much nutes but I haven't added any nutes for 2 weeks. Heat hasn't been a issue 80 degrees
    Two LED platinum for two re veg plants or re flower plants. Watering has been 1/2 gallon a day and now with bigger pots 2 gallon or until run off then check PH 5.5 and I'm still getting clawing leaves. Any help would be great. They have been on 2 week flush.

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  2. There over watered. Let them dry up some before watering. Cannabis like wet and dry period, just not to dry lol. My opinion.

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  3. Thank you
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  4. Yes get a moisture meter and wait till it says dry like 2 or 3" down before you water. And ph your water before you water. Not the soil after you water. pH should be around 6 no more than 7 but higher than 5.5 for sure
  5. And if your giving nutes you don't have to water nearly as much
  6. Really wait and let the plants eat it up
  7. I'm definitely no expert... but I've never given anything in soil a half gallon a day... more like half liter a day...and I was still overwatering. Just out of curiosity whats the humidity at?

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  8. 46% & 80 degrees
  9. I've been testing the PH before and then testing the run off water. PH was the same. I'm not going to water them for about two more days. When I water next I'll only use a half gallon for the 20 gallon pot.
  10. a 20 gallon pot should be using MUCH more than 1/2 a gallon..... a 5 gallon pot gets about a gallon.
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