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  1. Ever hang out cause of this site?
  2. ......what?
  3. ......what?
  4. Naw That would be cool
  5. I have never met up with another blade. But there are a bunch of people who have, not too uncommon.
  6. On gc people act like they dont understand what youre saying, then tel you YOURE retarded.

  7. Cause there's 100 other threads like this. It's all in good fun
  8. I know i know.. But what i said happens all the time. You know me, imma fan of the fun ;)
  9. nope i'm too cool to hang out with you fucks
  10. If I could I've seen 3 or 4 quoted by you I could've sigged up :p
  11. Simple question guys not hard to understand..i think itd be pretty cool to meet new people well if any of you lived around my area i would smoke with you ha
  12. I've hung out with a few people. One dude was mad creepy (and he had full rep), and the other 2 were pretty chill.
  13. Internet is very easy to hide behind :hide:
  14. Am I the only one who totally understood what he said?

    Lol just kidding, .........what?
  15. Wait, how does - I don't even...what?
  16. Yes. Please enlighten us oh great one.

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