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  1. So, im a 19 year old guy, Id say im decent looking, 5'8 - 170, im not ripped but, im not chunky, im just big, not big like tall, I dont know, its hard to explain. Actualy think of Fedor (Emelianenko for those of you who dont know, hes a mma fighter) but im not Russian. Im quite good at skateboarding, and I train in boxing.

    Anyways enough about me, heres me situation, Im in college and I have an art class, where we all sit in groups, I sit by 3 girls that are a year or two older than me. Im a quite person, and these girls are always talking to each other because thier all friends. And they always ask me questions about myself, that I don't understand how I could awnser. So I don't talk at all to them...

    I really like one of them but I don't know how to talk to her, I've dated lots of girls before but they had known me from friends or I just knew them, but these girls have never met me before the class. I need some advice on talking to them. They always talk about going to parties and stuff, and how they smoke, but I don't want to just be like "I smoke, and party hangout with me now" I just don't really know...

    Someone help me get the courage to talk to her? :(

    thank you all in advance?
  2. Allright man so just ask her how her weekend was next time you see her, like oh what were you up to blah blah. Than she'll ask you, so tell her about some awesome parties you went to or what not.

    Then you say "yea we shouldnt definitely party sometime' ya know along those lines give it some flair.

    If she finds out you guys have some stuff in common your conversations will really just take off from there. if you say you like this girl than just make sure you look her in the eye when you speak to her, im sure she will be pretty receptive

    Good luck bro
  3. So...they talk to you and you don't say anything back? You've given yourself a major handicap already. They talk about smoking, and you're a stoner, so that gives you plenty of conversation.

    As crazy as it sounds, just be yourself. If they don't like you, fuck it. There's plenty of others out there that will.
  4. Thanks for the help guys...

    And when they talk to me, the ask questions that I have no clue how to awnser... So instead of looking like a jackass and saying something idiotic I say, "I dunno"

  5. start talking some stoner philosophy and you can't go wrong :smoke:
  6. Yep chicks dig stoner talk man.
  7. Walk in late, sit down next to all of these girls and say, "Damn, I'm still high from last night.. Shiiit". Say this softly, as if to yourself. But say it loud enough for them to hear.

    BOOM, conversation. Then just talk. Remember, girls like to talk about themselves. So ask questions. Smile and nod as they're talking. Lean forward and maintain eye contact, without staring.
  8. lol that sounds douche baggy, i would go with the other guys advice. ask what they did the past weekend or whatever and go from there. not the only option of course but if they speak to you saying "i like this, we do this" be like "me too, do you do this and this?" just respond and then ask ur own questions
  9. Something along the lines of:

    "Bitch you would be lucky to wrap your lips around my 12" roor."

    Should get your point across nicely.
  10. That made me rofl.

  11. wait for the weed talk from the girls, then sorta lean in and ask if they've been finding anything good? maybe ask if they wouldn't mind hooking ya up because you're having trouble finding.. then ya take her number and let her know if you find any extremely kind smoke you'll hook her up. ya could also casually mention that maybe you guys could smoke it up together.. also, find out what kind of music and movies she's into when ya get that foot in the door, just keep it casual and cool
  12. Ha, yea man yea.

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