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anybody use tea bags?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by gunsforgrass, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. hey i know a lot of people have started threats about what type of liquid they like to use in their bongs. i love to do this but it just sometimes sucks because you have to clean it after or else it will get really gross. sticky or even moldy. so ive decided to try out a new thing. i like to drink tea all the time and just recently after i made my tea i reused the tea bag and just threw it in the bong.then i let it sit for like 3 or 4 minutes to get the water flavored good.

    i actually dont know if it works that well because im smoking on some 30s and they taste bad to begin with. but it does take away the aftertaste of bong water. and replaces it with a small green tea flavor. not a big taste like good dank bud. but a little tingle type of taste...

    ok pretty high just wanted to see if theres anybody out there that might do this or already have.
  2. ill give it a try, tell ya in a few hours =)
  3. Well, I do drink a lot of tea...

    If I remember I'm going to try this tomorrow. :)
  4. careful though. my buddy brought over a bong to my house the other day, and we put green tea in it. but then he left it in my garage and i checked it the other day (bout two to three weeks later) and that shit got so moldy so fast. spent thirty minutes scrubbing that shit, im paranoid.
  5. Duly noted. Clean teabong immediately :cool:

    Mold is not a bongs friend.
  6. I myself am a fan of the warm/hot water in the bong, because the smoke feels good.

    I think next time I use hot water I might just brew the tea in the bong. That sounds dandy.

  7. haha yup sounds nice. just remember not to drink the tea after you used it haha.

    oh i used this honey vanilla chamomile tea. and let it sit there for about 30 minutes. i took a hit. and it tasted sooooo good.just like the tea.and when i used green tea. it gave me that feeling i get when i drink it in the back of my throat. weird.
  8. I'm definitely trying that with this next bowl :smoking:
  9. I've used bottled green tea and ice in my bong. That's pretty cool.

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