Anybody use essential value dank humidity packs???

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  1. Checking Amazon to order more Boveda humidity packs and came accross a new brand called Essential Value dank packs. They are cheaper cost than the Boveda's and even cheaper when i checked out their website to see who they were. The company looks like they sell humidity control items for all kinds of items but the packaging just seems generic looking. They claim salt based like the Boveda's not oil based like the Integra Boost packs. Seems they only carry 62% in a 8 gram pack. Question is has anybody used these??? I can not find any reviews in the forums for them.
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  2. 8 gram is a very small pack and will only control a pint or smaller jar.
    I use the big 60 grams sized Boveda packs 1 per 1/2 gallon jar of herb.
    The same packs I've had and used for years now.
    Bought a whole brick of them when I started growing.

  3. 8 grams is perfect for me. My boveda has been sucking lately, can't find old shipper. I'll give them a try and report some day.
  4. I to use the Boveda 60 gram packs for my long term quart storage jars, but i do use the 8 gram packs for my everyday use half pint 8 oz jars. Since i use the 8 gram ones for everyday jars that get opened all the time they wear out quicker than if i was to get into my large long term jars everyday. I rather have have the smaller packs wear out than have to replace the larger 60 gram packs in the quart jars and mess up the stable long term humidity. I usually replace my everyday jar humidity packs about every 2 to 3 months. It would be nice to find a cheaper product with the same results or better.
    I have a auto crop comming up that i may just order a pack of these for one of the jars and do a long term side by side storage comparison test against the Boveda's.
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