Anybody pop eclipse-day beans?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by glueberry_crunch, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. Cause that'd be cool. If so, whatcha got? If not, rock on anyway. Sorry for the lame post
  2. Popped a 33% thc Tutankhamon from pyramid seeds and a Gorilla bomb from bomb seeds journal coming soon

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  3. Nice. I knew I couldn't be the only one. Sour D and Triple Cheese. I have some cherry from bombseeds in the jar. How long you gonna veg for?
  4. i drp'd two hisenburgh autos
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  5. Vegging as long as these until these girls are done flowering autos on 24/0 just started so it's looking like almost a 2 month veg. And then I have my next tent for 2 more in a week with the new mars cob light test run [​IMG]

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  6. Hisenburgh drp'd on eclipse day popped with strong vigor..its an auto so into rr cube soaked overnite in root excelerator ..tonite cube goes in 11 gal jug where it will spend its life..this morn wetting soil dwn to prepare for tonites tp..i'll be using mycos to seat it..soil is aged no till mix..two other plnts luv the mix 000_6554.JPG 000_6555.JPG 000_6556.JPG 000_6552.JPG
  7. Very nice. Sour D popped through soil today. Cotyledons are opening. Cheese is popped (paper towel) but hasn't broken through the soil yet. The race is on!
  8. Yes sir ,dropped my own Purple Blurple bang bud, And popped right before the eclipse,stoked these are gonna be beautys..
  9. They popped same day? Never heard of the strain.
  10. Yeah they did pop quick,I germinated them in paper towel 2 days ahead of putting them in the dirt .I tossed them in my dome under my 1000 watt led on eclipse day in the morning then they popped a few hours later ,on eclipse day.

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