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  1. Since we all should be over 18 then im sure that some of yall have grown up with pokemon . So this thread is for people to exchange friend codes and trade and battle with each other. Ill give mines first.

    Cherry: 4857 7423 2612
    (Btw i need a ditto if anyone has it)
  2. I got a gba emulator on my phone and play all the original games still.

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  3. Ive been playing since red and blue!! I stopped with getting new ones at white & black though... I hate the new pokemon, its like they ran out of ideas
  4. Yea now i mostly do it becaus of tradition. I dont think they will ever make the game as fun as it was back in the days
  5. I thought that pearl, diamond, and platinum were some of the best haha. They will never top those again. But the overall most memorable games for me was gold and silver! I remember playing those when they first came out for days at a time thinking that it was the most perfect thing ever. I even played it on a stupid game boy pocket so it was always black and white lol.
    They would if they would just hurry up and fucking release a 3d MMORPG based on being a pokemon trainer.

  7. I felt the same way about 5th gen at first, but they're definitely are some cool guys in there (Zorua, Zoroark; cool as fuck). And that promo that released for BW2 was awesome; major possibility that Pokes will be a little more geared towards their older fan base.
    How do you feel about 6th gen? I actually like the starters this time around, and according to PokeBeach, EV training might actually be a little more mainstreamed. Do you EV train or play competitively at all? I assume so since you're looking for a Ditto lol.
  8. Lol yea i do but not often. I just restarted white like two days ago. But the next generation looks graphically amazing. I never really thought the ds was capable of giving out good graphics but it is something that i would try.
  9. I've been playing the Silver remake off and on since last summer, totes dope. I never really had interest in the newer ones after Ruby and Sapphire though... Silver, Gold, and Crystal were my favorites by far, even over the originals.
  10. Not joking I'm pretty sure pokemon taught me to read.
  11. I am just stoked about X and Y. Woot finally no more sprites. Don't get me wrong I love sprites most of the time, however it was high time to move on. 3D to boot hope they do it right and not water down the rest of the game.
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    I wish I could fight people online I have like 32 battle ready Pokemon on Black 2
  13. I used to LOVE Pokemon. I remember I used to get my dad's friend in the USA to send them over here to the UK for me so I would get them earlier to play. Back then games used to come out months later over here so whenever my friends finally got the game if they tried to battle me i'd whoop their asses haha!
    Crystal was my favorite followed by Silver. 
    I originally got Pokemon Yellow for the Gameboy Color. Such good times :)
  14. Hell yeah 2nd gen is my favorite.
    I have black & pearl right now. I do plan on gettin x or y.
  15. Hell yeah 2nd gen is my favorite.
    I have black & pearl right now. I do plan on gettin x or y.
  16. Hell yeah 2nd gen is my favorite.
    I have black & pearl right now. I do plan on gettin x or y.
  17. I use when I'm at work and don't have anything to do... Currently playing yellow. Just beat Koga and had charmeleon evolve to charizard and wartortle to blastoise. WHY WONT THE DOUCHEBAG GIVE ME BULBASAUR.
  18. I would honestly have liked to see sprites that aren't so fucking pixel-y before we went 3D, but what ever; it's great to see the series take such a bold step forward.
  19. Small update, Just started a nuzlocke challenge and caught my very first shiny! An lvl 4 Bidoof.

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