Anybody order from Lately???????

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  1. thinking about ordering from them. Wondering if anybody had and problems with them, or if it is a mistake all together.
  2. I ordered my autos from them. Got my beans in 5 days. I'd recommend them
  3. Are you a US customers? ^ I was looking into dope-seeds as well
  4. yes im on the eastcoast
  5. yea, i'm in the US
  6. ill let you know when i get the seed from them
  7. I'm in the US, I ordered two strains from them, arrived 5 days after the order in good condition. 10/10 germinated successfully, Satori Mandala and Nirvana Northern Lights.
  8. Some clarification to my above responses. I am in the US, I orders auto ak47xBB 3/26. Package arrived 4/1. So far I have had 100% germ rate on these.
  9. good to hear. thanks for the good news

  10. DP is a great seedbank with fast, great service. Got my seeds 5 days after I ordered, and when one of my fem'd seeds turned out to be males, I got 5 more fem'd seeds free
  11. Good News Everybody. I just recieved my order from dope seeds today with no problems at all and just 5 days after i ordered them. Great Seedbank i recommend it
  12. my order arrived today (i.e post above) and could not be more satisfied, the 3 strains i ordered and 10 freebie Thai Haze X Skunk

    took 6 days to arrive and had no trouble with dope-seeds, sent confimation emails when they were ordered and as stated arrived in 5-7days

    lol i cant wait to get these going, dope-seeds, check em out, good site:smoking:
  13. i just ordered from them on 7/4 auto ak47 and got an email saying i ordered but not 1 saying they were sent?
  14. I ordered over three weeks ago and never recieved my seeds. I sent an email to Jim and they supposedly sent out a new package. I will let you know when/if they arrive.
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    got mine today:hello:... ordered 7/3 09
  16. placed my 2nd order 8/14 and got my white rihno seeds on 8/22 ...dope seeds ok by me:hello:
  17. Will consider buying from them seeing so many good results. Good to hear the service and responces is good.

    Thanks and will reply when i buy some seeds for next year, or this years Indoor :)

  18. ya jim gets right back to ya with in a day...
  19. I would recommend HGS. Good service to US customers. I got the BlueWidow from them and am very satisfied.
  20. Just ordered the top 44 skunk seeds from him today.. We'll see what happens.

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