Anybody LARP on grasscity?

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    I was watching videos of LARPing and seriously want to get involved.
    I saw a few videos of drachenfest and was shitting myself

    If any blades out there who LARP can give me advice on getting started, it would e appreciated.
    Does anyone know of any legit LARPing leagues/ groups in NY or nearby?
    Idk like huge events or festivals or something

    I'm interested in battles with hundreds of people

    I feel like LARPing would be the perfect stoner sport haha
  2. I can see the posts making fun of you already ,but no I've never done it even though I think it would be really fun as long as everyone plays right. It's kind of like when you were a kid playing "army men" and you shot the other kid point blank ,and you were like "I got ya" and they responded with "NUH UH" which led on to an hour long argument and one of you storming away in tears.
  3. Yeah I feel ya, a lot of LARPS are just a bunch of nerdy guys beating the shit out of each other with foam swords, but some are fucking legit. Look up drachenfest on YouTube, it's crazy
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    There are some groups out west. my step kids are into it.
    Sound like good fun, run around outdoors in the woods in costume with weapons. Whats not to like? :)
  5. By the way, out in the pacific northwest it can rain like a motherfucker. so it has some real life conditions to contend with. there is no make believe rain storms.
  6. Looked into LARPing events. Most large LARPs occur in Europe, the largest being in Germany with 4,000 people. I found one in Quebec that attracts 2000 people every year. Websites all in French...

    Might attend that this year
    the kids group is 50-75 people. I told them they need to start a new group to hold events between events.
  8. Because there's too many people?
  9. No just once a month is a long time they could secure a place and hold an event on an off weekend and choose a different location that would be better for new players.
    The kids used to drive 300 miles to go, rain ,wind, snow or shine.
  10. How did they recruit that many people? I may start one myself
    I think some people got organized on a web sight then secure a camp ground, some cabins and hold an event and it grew from there. This was years before I was around them.
    this group may be close to you.
  12. What is this shit?
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    Live action roll playing. they have a plot like a movie but have lots of variables for improvisation , some physical combat with non lethal weapons. Everyone plays a character.
    basically a mid-evil war game.
  14. i haven't but I'm rather interested in cosplay.
  15. haha role models is one of my favorite movies, but i don't think i could get into larping myself. I'm more of a closet nerd, not a "run around out in the open with a fuckin sword nerd." haha.
  16. "Tell her you miss her whispering eye."
  17. A kid who lived on my floor Freshman year attempted to form a LARPing chapter..

    ..ended up being two fat guys with ponytails grunting at eachother with sweet looking foam weapons.

    Needless to say, I signed up immediately.

  18. what the fucks larp
  19. OP, I've been dragged along to larping events with my D&D buddies
    but unfortunately, I don't live anywhere near you haha

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