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Anybody in San Diego like budder??

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by PsiloScience, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. I'm a patient here and been making canna butter for a while now, its one of the most effective ways to get all the medicinal properties from marijuana. Does anyone agree? Or have any good recipe ideas??
  2. I was wondering what your method is? I'm in So Ca
  3. Santee haha and the possibiltys are endless grab a cookbook and thumb through you will find hundreds of great recipes calling for butter
  4. Ya my fav so far are chocolate covered peanut butter balls. I wanna know what people want though?

    I got two methods for butter man, one with a croc pot and another long one my
    Mother-in-law taught me, if you want directions message me, I think I got em in a word document.
  5. those old long all day recipes for cannabutter arent really useful anymore. now we know that if we decarb the cannabis prior to making the butter, it takes far less time and is more easily absorbed into your body. just trying to help.
  6. El cajon here! gonna try my first attempt at buddah shortly, if my delivery guy gets here tonight!:hello:
  7. okay so i used to make brownies, rice crispies, cookies, and a buncha other stuff... Theres a buncha ways to make it really dank... i prefer mixing it w my butter i make and then get a coffee grinder grind up bud so its like smaller than a grain of sand and measure out like a tbsp or however much u want in each personal one... The easiest way to make it so some arent stronger than others is the get a muffin pan so u can make brownies look like muffins... taste DELISIOUS and they will all have same potency and u can regulate that... hope this helps
  8. butter and "budder" are two different things. but yes, i love medibles

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