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  1. I'm curious as to whether or not something is wrong with me? for a few years when i was younger i was depressed and thought of suicide on a daily basis although finally i got help before acting on it.
    Anyways recently these past few months i have noticed (keep in mind this is a daily thing) that my emotions change from anger to depression back and forth throughout the day, at times i am angry at anyone and everything and get set off by the littlest things and other i get incredibly sad feel like my life is going nowhere, i have nothing to look forward too and all together just dwell on the negatives. i am not sure why this is? could anyone give me some helpful info or advice?
  2. Well I ain't no psychiatrist, but

    Read what you just wrote. Realize that you are the source of all this emotion, you create and control it. See the emotion for what it is, because clearly you have the ability to see it. Look forward to today, to right now, for right now is perfection. Think about how you're able to live and see and breath and enjoy things.
  3. Thats what i don't understand? i truly realize it's happening although not at the time it happens more so when i think back to a moment and realize it, i am just worried as smoking marijuana got rid of my previous case of depression and seems to do well with calming these symptoms i am describing to you as well but only if i smoke everyday. besides that if i realize what's going on then why cannot my brain mentally correct itself at that current time? it feels like i know snapping at someone is wrong but my brain thinks fuck it, i don't care or i question my existence, do you think maybe i am lonely?
  4. i can understand you, ive moved on from feeling depressed, i feel like life is stopping, like its a cycle, not going anywhere,, the same every day, and smoking just makes me feel better, hope it does for you too :)
  5. I think you'll probably grow out of alot of that stuff as time goes by. Those kinds of things, like most things, pass over time.

    That being said, if you feel strongly, and you're considering hurting yourself, I would have to suggest talking to a professional. Maybe not the kind of professional that's going to try and put you on meds, but just the kind that you talk to. You'd be shocked how much better you can feel just by having a safe outlet for these emotions.

    Best of luck dude. Just remember that life is good in and of itself. There's shit out there that can make it seem bad, but worst case scenario, it's like a diamond covered in shit. It's still valuable, you just gotta clean it up to make it shine.
  6. Well because it's one thing to know it's wrong, but another to be able to correct yourself ahead of time in the situation. That's where you apply your knowledge. It's not gonna be an overnight transformation. Next time you catch yourself getting pissed for no reason, ask yourself 'why am I gettin pissed? what caused this anger?'. I think eventually you may see some sort of pattern of triggers that set you off, and if you know what sets you off you can deal with it before it sets you off.

    Try analysing your behaviour from an outside point of view, ask yourself what other people think of your behaviour, vs what you want them to think.

    You could be lonely, but really it's only a bad thing if you make it a bad thing. Focus on what makes you happy, what brings you joy? What's your definition of happiness?
  7. [ame=]YouTube - Smoke Weed Everyday[/ame]

    Looks like that guy ^^ has it figured out =P

    For serious though, you gotta try and be positive about it! Plus imo, weed is always more enjoyable when it's not a crutch : ) And.. Music. Find some music that is upbeat or gets you hyped up. Music has beautiful ways of effecting your emotions.

    Good luck!

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