Anybody have any personal experience growing drgreenthumb strains

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    I have heard a lot of things about drgreenthumb and some of his strains. In particular his Matanuska Thunderfuck, OG Kush Iranian Autoflower and Iranian G13. I would like to hear some actual personal grow experience from anyone that has actually grown these strains. Preferable someone that isn't new and has grown them more then once. I know that there are many similar posts all over the net and I would like to get an answer to this as I am sure many others would as well. I have read all of the other posts and do not want to start another thread with the same replies. PLEASE do not post what you heard, read in a magazine, on another site or what a "friends" results were, only first hand experience please. If you can't post something that can not be found all over the net, please do not reply. If a moderator sees that this is just turning into another reapeat of the many threads out there on this topic, please just delete it.
  2. So with hundreds of members there isn't a single one that has grown any of his seeds???

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