anybody hace expirience with this vape?

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  1. I would much rather have a table vaporizer like the Arizer Extreme Q but whatever floats your financial boat.
  2. Yea i know table vaporizer are always going to be better than a portable one. But Im pretty much a noob to vaping and just want to try it to see If I like a vaporizer high better than a bong high.
  3. Anybody have expirience with it???
  4. That is for concentrates like BHO or QWISO hash. You take a tab and rub it on the side of the glass vials and use a torch (not like a windless lighter) and you 'vaporize' the oils by letting the glass do the heating until it starts to smoke then you hit it.

    This is a cheap knockoff looking thing of my model. Mines called the Eclipse Essential Vape. Looks like that one comes with both the water pipe attachment and the handheld unit.

    I guess that's convenient because my model requires separate purchase of one or the other but I've never heard of them and they are just trying to get in on the action by copying a real company.

    It also works decently with kief and hash. This is definitely not something I'd use my bud in - I use my SSV for that. There's ONE video on YouTube of some guy smoking herb over a candle though but screw that crap.


  5. Thanks for the information
  6. Monkey vape....

    Made by monkeys

    For monkeys...

    Glad i could help

  7. Unfortunately to truly see if you like a vaporizer high better than a bong high - you'll have to get a better vaporizer. Also, it shouldn't really be vaporizer vs bong. It's vapor vs combustion, as my primary method is using a vaporizer WITH a bong.

    This is a knockoff of the eclipse, and the best (and cheapest) of this style would probablybe the Gn0me vaporizer - which will work for dry herbs. It works well, but it's not exactly for a "vaporizer noob" as it's difficult to use.

    There's a few vaporizers I can recommend, and they're very much worth it, but they're going to be over 130 USD. The MFLB works well for a small portable that you can find for under 80 on ebay, but it still won't put out vapor like a desktop or even some other portables. The Vapor Genie is a cheap portable too, but like the MFLB has a bit of a learning curve and still won't produce vapor like other vapes. They DO work though, I just wouldn't do anything less than them - they're the bare minimum.
  8. I got a monkey tape, and I love it. I had to move back home for personal reasons, and I really cant complain. when I cant burn, I smoke from my room, and its odorless. I smoke trees, not oils.

    There are so many ways of using it.

    1. use it as it comes
    2. use it with a water piece (I use it with my: bubbler, wobbler, bong, etc)
    3. use it with my helix (I also bought a j hook)

    *it does get some getting use to

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