anybody filling for deferred action?

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    Im trying to.fill out an immigration aplication question blades and its on part 1 number 15.

    Status at entry ? I don't know what to put.
  2. part 1 number 15 of what?

    what the hell are you even talking about?
  3. Yeh i clicked thread expecting to be able to offer a little advice to you, but like above poster im confused as to what your talking bout.

    More info please.
  4. Part of what?
  5. googling "deferred action" gives links about immigration... so like everyone else... I'm confused about what OP wants...
  6. give us the fucking question!! nobody knows what the question is for part 1 number 15!!
  7. I think he's asking how to answer it when it says status at entry.
  8. You should write UNLAWFUL status if you came illegaly
  9. Does no one know how to use google? Took me two seconds to find this and you're all being rude to this guy for your own incompetence. If you can't help, stfu. :wave: :smoke:

    Looks like "No lawful status" if you didn't have any kind of visa or anything to start out with. You should ask your parents. There's a drop down list, so just pick the one that best describes the circumstances of your arrival.
  10. It's asking what your status was when you entered the country. Were you illegal? On Visa?
  11. Thanks but I contacted a lawyer.
  12. Yah probably a way better idea than asking GC lol

    p.s. was I right by the way? I was kinda guessing in a way lol
  13. [quote name='"Weasel King"']Yah probably a way better idea than asking GC lol

    p.s. was I right by the way? I was kinda guessing in a way lol[/quote]

    It was entry without inspection.

  14. Thanks for pigeonholing me with others man I wasn't sure what he was asking and requested more info guess that makes me a jerk LOL. Can't tell you how rude i feel your post is makes me think bad things bout you anyway wont be posting in this thread again and DEEZ i really was just wanting more info to try to help so guess damn me to hell for that.

  15. I wasn't referring to anyone specifically and I didn't mean to criticize you when you were obviously being nice about it unlike some of the others. Why would you be so quick to think bad things about me when I didn't even mean to insult you? I was telling the rude unhelpful ones to get out. If you were not unhelpful and rude then that doesn't include you. :confused_2:

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