Anybody ever try the Ganzfeld Experiment?

Discussion in 'General' started by smashx420, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. the ganzfeld experiment sounds like some secret nazi operation that went wrong l0L
  2. Interesting, never heard of it. But how's white noise and a red light sensory deprivation?
  3. I have heard of this. Some people trip balls some don't. I guess it varies from person to person. I might get around to it some day
  4. I've hear about this before. And I'm afraid to try it. 
  5. shucks and I just got rid of my last red light bulb and spare ping pong balls. 
  6. I wonder if 711 sells pingpong balls...
  7. Maybe if you're near a college, late night runs for beer pong.
  8. It works about as well as tanks, which is interesting, but disappointing if youre looking for a "high". Relaxation, and whatever hallucinatory effects youd personally experience normally sitting in darkness for a half hour.

    Light machines (glasses style) are about as good as it gets for creating what most would want from a "chemical free trip"
  9. Tanks?
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    Sensory deprivation tanks. Theyre better than this, but not really considering price and what they actually do. Cool novelty though.

    You want it even cheaper,get very solid ear plugs that block all sound and sit in total darkness. A uni in mn has a sound deprivation chamber that blocks literally all sound and they say the longest anybody lasts in like 15 mins due to scary hallucinations. Oh, and you lose absolutely all sense of direction and fall over a lot trying to move
  11. That's pretty badass, never heard of them. My closest alternative would be to go sit inside an empty cave :p
    Crazy stuff, man. Come to think of it, how often do any of us actually hear true silence, or even close to it?
  12. Outside such enviroments, youll never hear true silence unless youre deaf
  13. rofl for some reason this reminds me of the dumb shit i'd do back in my enhancement smoker days as a teenager.
    turn off the light in my room and leave the strobe on. turn the bgm off on my videogames and listen to zeppelin or cypress hill.
  14. Who hasn't sat in the dark baked out of their mind and listened to some Zeppelin? People who are missing the fuck out, that's who.
  15. Hmm I live in Mn. I wonder if they would let me try it out haha?
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    its at the u of mn. I orginally heard about it in mental_floss and wondered the same thing. I bet if you went to the school it wouldnt be awfully hard to sweet talk the teacher a bit.

    Its like, hey, do i have permission to sit in your dark room for five minutes?

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