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Anybody ever try GodBud?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by LiquidDreams, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. So, I just got my medical marijuana card:hello: and got set up with a caregiver (someone who grows the meds for me). He has been raving about this GodBud for the last week. Has anyone tired it? I will be getting a quad of it this weekend for $50 (gotta love med prices!:smoking:) I will report back with some pics and a smoke report after the weekend.
  2. never tried it but when i google searched it the buds looked incredible. and at 50 a quad(i suppose this is slang for quarter) how can you go wrong.
  3. where are you living where even a med card gets you cheap bud?
    or is that just how cheap it is when designated a caregiver?
    i don't know i just always hear about dispensaries charging almost street prices
  4. never tried god bud, but i have tried gods gift it was killer. were do u live?your getting bomb cheap
  5. heard godbud is fucking dank but ive never tried it. post pics when you get it. and it should be mad cheap if you get it from a grower, your a lucky sob
  6. god bud IS dank. my friend bought like an ounce from my guy a long time ago, before i started buying from him. it was some pretty nutso stuff, i cant really recall it, though; i've only had it the one time
  7. $50? I'd make that guy give me $50 for an ounce of it. You're giving him the ability to legally grow, the least he can do is give you a large portion of the bud for extremely cheap.
  8. Actually God was the first kind of weed that i smoked a while back, it's some pretty killler shit.. nothing like sitting on a couch for hours, enjoying 8 bowls of cereal while looking at crazy shit on the internet :p
  9. For me all weed is God's bud.:D
  10. thats pretty whack . people that i know who have designated caregivers growing their weed only pay 75 an ounce L0L

  11. Amen.

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