Anybody else notice that 75% of Marines are douchebags?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by MosDef, Oct 4, 2010.

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  1. idk if this is a touchy subject but it seems mostly true.

    Every single Marine I've ever met has been a douchebag. Like a straight up moron who takes themselves way too seriously.
  2. It's called the "Tough Guy complex". It's common in men that were emasculated at a young age who then decided to lift weights and shoot guns religiously
  3. Yup. Ever wonder where the meatiest of all the meat heads from the football team go? How about that high school bully that dropped out senior year and went to 'alternative' school?

    That being said, I'm sure there's some cool guys in the Marines... I just don't know em.
  4. I only came into this thread to ask you: How did you come up with 75%. I would like all the paper work showing me how you came up with such a precise percentage.

    Must of taken a lot of resources, I wish you blogged your studies.
  5. Not only are you stereotyping, but you're bashing the guys who defend our country. Marines are well trained killers, and they're the best at what they do. Obviously, some of them are going to have inflated egos.
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    Yup...most of them are only over there as a last resort and lack of other options.
  7. My dad was a Marine and let me just start and end by saying this is a touchy subject.
  8. I think yall got shit wrong, at least here in canada its like a brotherhood and you meet a lot of good people while training. and feel free to bring the canadian army jokes, but make sure they're good im pretty high right now so shoot

  9. what army..? :laughing:
  10. People have wouldnt last a day in the military talking about the military like they know things. You guys crack me up with your stereotypes and talking about things you know nothing about sometimes. :rolleyes:
  11. marines are the loudest douchiest people our military can produce i have never met a marine that i liked

    and ya i do know alot about military considering that i come from a military family and even they think marines are douchebags
  12. It's just you. I know many marines. None I can say are douchebags
  13. I knew a guy.

    He became a marine.

    He is a douche.

    +rep for my awesome story?

  14. My girlfriend is the ex wife of a marine. Verbally and physically abusive relationship. Cheated on her countless times, racked up thousands of dollars in credit card debt, lied all the time.

    His twin brother is also a marine, also in a physically and verbally abusive relationship.

    I know one other marine... and she's a girl, and pretty cool, so I don't know where she fits in this.
  15. My father was a Marine for 28 years and I lived next to a very large military base for most of my life. I've encountered my fair share of Marines and I'd have to agree. Sorry! Those guys are trained to be macho, tough guys. Nature of the beast..
  16. Have you ever considered that there are just bad people in this world, and regardless of whether or not they may become marines they would have still been bad people? Yeah, I know some dickhead marines, I know some really awesome guys in the marines, too. It's not right to generalize and stereotype. I mean. It's a touchy subject, nonetheless I suppose you like the negative attention.

  17. I know two that were training with me to be firefighters. Both helped me get through it. Both were happily married and had kids. A few of the instructors were former marines
  18. This is a very true statement. It's like the security guard at colleges, so funny, they think there like real cops and shit. Or back in highschool the POLICE EXPLORERS LMAOOOOO
  19. Got both friends and family in the Marines.That said,I wouldnt say all marines are douchebags,though they have their fair share of them,which tbh its like that in anything.Its more of a cockiness than anything though which can rub people the wrong way.
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