Anybody else addicted to Chinese Food?

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by Smoked All Dat, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Basically, the title covers it.

    I love Chinese Food. Kinda random but I do. Orange Chicken ftw and an eggroll. Or general tso's chicken. white rice no house nasty vegetables.

    It's pretty cheap but not too cheap. I don't eat it to often even though sometimes I would really like it then haha.

    Shit is good. Anybody else?
  2. (almost) every time I get hungry I think of orange chicken
  3. Hell yeah I love it so much bud.
  4. LOL. Yeah lmao
  5. Special fried rice with shrimp + honey chicken = All kinds of win. FACK! What I'd give for that right now :(

    One day....
  6. Dank list:

    Barbecued pork
    Barbecued beef
    Kung pao chicken
    Chicken & broccoli
    Orange chicken
    General tso chicken
    Sesame chicken
    Chow mein
    Lo mein
    Spicy shrimp & rice
    Wonton soup
    Egg roll
    Spring roll

    I bet you are hungry now arent ya.
  7. American Chinese food is the best invention ever. I live off of it. General Tso's sauce, veggie fried rice, lo mein. SHIT
    also, on my campus theres a small Chinese food place. I order fried rice and lo mein and they only charge me $2. Its the best find for food on campus
  8. quoted for the fuckin truth. im part chinese and i get legit asian food all the time but cheap chinese food like panda express is just so fire with their dankity calories
  9. lemon chicken all fucking day
  10. Sweet & sour chicken.
    Chow mein.
    Wonton soup.

  11. It's actually a local place, and they're not as bad with the unhealthiness
  12. crab Ragoons DOMINATE
  13. Yeaaa but im vegetarian but i love chinese its so fuckin good, general taos or sweet n sour. actually thers a vegetarian one they sell in stores too but ye and i studied in china its awesome they got tofu subs that taste like real meat, i did eat meat on accident, had ta, but dam penalty for bud over there is like nearly death, if over just a few grams its death. but good thing is no one knows what it smells like...looks like, becuase the penalty is so high LOL so u can do it in public (not advised) we did though
  14. Lol the I love all the menu suggestions.

    Only thing I hate -- it's possibly like cat or dog. Like some shady chinese restaurants.. you know.. the ghetto ones.. on the corner thats like a 10 feet by 15 feet box inside. But it's sooooooooo good. I would love to know how to make homemade Sweet and Sour Chicken or better yet Orange Chicken.

    Crab Rangoons -- my mom loves those lol.
    You all forgot one thing thats the best aswell:

  15. bbq spare ribs,
    sweet & sour pork/chicken,
    pepper steak. <3
  16. I love it but sometimes that shit fucks wit my stomach

  17. YES. :p
  18. [​IMG]

    Get that shit guys!
  19. General Taos chicken!

    Me and my dad both love it. When Im with him and we get it were all like "The General!!!!" lol I dont know why but it makes me laugh when my pops says it.:D

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