Any1 have an idea of what strain this is jw

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  1. I picked this up w/ my friend & got a half on oz 4 $200 (we kinda got a little deal from the guy cause it was r 1st purchase from him). VERY could smell it thru the bag b4 I switched it 2 a mason jar...smells sour & fruity & tastes the same as it smells...u could feel the high IMMEDIATELY & lasts 4 a good 2 1/2 - 3 hours w/ no bad comedown at all...tho it does give u MAD munchies! Friend & I think its Sour D but what do u guys think?

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  2. There is absolutely no way for us to tell you that.
  3. Lol its the guy with the bread in his nug jar
  4. It's supercalifragilisticexpialikushious duh.
  5. pretty sure i saw this picture like 5 days ago lol.
  6. the bread thing worked the bud was actually smokeable

  7. Why wouldn't it work? its just a piece of bread ahahaha

    Some people put a slice of bread in stuff like brown sugar to keep it moist... Idk if I'd put it in my bud though....
  8. I had a friend that would put a sliced potatoe in his jar. Don't know what the FUCK that was supposed to do but he said it made it "more dank"

    Where do people get these ideas lol
  9. every1s making fun of it but hey at least I didnt risk ruining the whole jar of it by putting an orange peel or something like that in for too long & mold forms. All the bread did was become stale & it wasnt like I was going to leave it in there over months or something, I just wanted 2 livin up the dry bud some 2 where it didnt burn too quickly & didnt taste so harsh.

  10. Don't people put bread on things because it soaks up any moisture?
  11. Bread. Fruit like a apple or orange peeles or watever u put in the jar and in a couple hours your dried out bud is moist again. Its like keepin a slice a bread in the cookie jar to keep the cookies from going hard like bricks
  12. I didn't know about the bread thing .......

    It's most def OG KUSH

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