Any ???/WTF Stories while stoned?

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  1. Let's make a thread dedicated to moments when you were high and you just had a :confused: moment. They are ALWAYS funny looking back at it.

    Mine is I was toking in a friends backyard, we packed a couple bowls worth of the Bong and we went inside to eat. He was making nachos and I was waiting on the couch, all of sudden his Cat jumped up onto the couch and it sat across from me, I was watching TV and the Cat distracted me, I was staring at him and he was staring back. It seemed like our staring battle went on for ages. Eventually I couldn't take it and started to laugh uncontrollably because I realized I was trying to beat the Cat in a stare-off. When the :confused: moment really set in was when I realized before the stare-off it was a new episode of Family Guy and after the stare-off the episode was over and my friend already ate the Nachos. Major :confused: .
  2. I fucked my girlfriend and forgot to put a condom on...
  3. i generally know what's going on whenever I smoke
  4. all my friends got up and danced to a crazy arabic song....

  5. I usually do also, I also prefer having the proper state of mind but this was one of my first times and we were smoking some good Sours. :smoke:
  6. There is already a thread for this, use the search function
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    Yea same here. I don't believe all these storie about people being total fucking idiots and loosing control of there shit while stoned. Either there fake or they should stop smoking haha
  8. was at a house party where there was dubstep and rap beig played all night, and some weird oriental asian song came on and people just stood still and were like "wtf...?" it was really weird..

  9. DUDE shit like this happens so much when I'm high. Not anything bad or shocking in particular, just random as hell weird stuff that I can't see happening when I'm sober. Weird stuff in this world. ^But that's really funny -_-
  10. My friend and I burned our way through a few bowls in her backyard, and she had to take a piss really badly. So she sprints onto the lawn, pulls off her pants and starts pissing right there! I just kind of stared at her until she finished and she put her pants back on and went inside to eat some ice cream. I think she forgot there was a bathroom in the house...major :confused: moment
  11. I talk to my animals when I'm high. But not just like 'you're a good girl' like... I have conversations with them. -_-; And I feel like I'm out of control of my body a lot when I smoke lol and no I'm no light weight. I just have crazy reactions to weed I guess. Its fun though.

    Sometimes like today I smoked a bowl with a friend and with little to do we went to Wally World and had a noodle fight and couldn't stop laughing. Staff was staring at us like 'wtf these kids doing' gtfo kind of way.

    Oh and today while I was high I randomly bleached my hair and its super golden blond now. -_-; And I also for some reason started to dread lock the lower layer but I thankfully stopped.

    No exaggeration. All truth man.

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