Any Working Deer Repellent?

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  1. I've already lost 4 plants due to deer. I've used the bar of soap, human hair, coyote urine. Nothing is working. Any suggestions would be great.

    its better to have weed and no money, then it is to have money and no weed.

  2. 12 ga shotgun with deer

  3. Hahaha beat me to it was gonna say the same thing some 00bucks and bam down goes bambi and then you have meat fordays.
  4. I worked at a (non-weed) farm, and to protect the smaller plants from deer, we'd make them some chicken wire enclosures and attach some deodorant soap to that chicken wire. Did the trick just fine as long as the chicken wire was either closed at the top or super tall.
  5. Coyote/Wolf urine, they sell it at gander mountai, or any hunting store.
  6. Plant in your backyard or camp out at the grow site with a shotgun.
  7. Stretch fishing line around the perimeter..they bump into it and and it freaks them out because they can't see it. Then they split
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    Fishing Line, Liquid Fence, Store piss in water bottles to bring out with you. The more you can re apply the better chance you got. I try and get out there on the east coast always after a heavy rain. Neem with a little hot sauce works well. I had one get topped by a deer :hello:  that was it . now i got a WWF wrestling ring of fish line round the spot :devious:

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