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Any way to kill your high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by smokeytheburr, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. Reading another post and i just got curious... How can you kill your high fast?
    Like if you smoke but you gotta go to work what can you do to kill that high?
    Showers dont really work for me...but most people say that.
    I know exercising is one but that takes to long?

    Any ideas?
  2. Jump into a nest of fire ants and it should kill your buzz real quick.
  3. LOL just ride it out, Or hit urself in the balls.
  4. eating works
  5. [email protected] yourself in the nuts.
  6. Masturbation. I know it seems sick but I promise you'll be grogy for ten mins then perfectly straight. unfortunately my friend told me that and you know sometimes you just have to know.
  7. Well i dont know if it works. Never tried it, but hell u can and tell me the details later.
  8. Find a way to scare the shit out of yourself.

    Close encounters with the Po always kill my buzz.
  9. Get pulled over with weed in your car that will kill your high real fast... But seriously i always find eating or drinking caffeine breaks me out of my high when i need to sober up.
  10. just enjoy your high, whether you're going to work, grandma's house, or school, killing it is a waste of weed

    just put on some visine before you smoke and you'll be fine
  11. This :smoking:
  12. I do enjoy my high I was just wondering if anything besides fear killed it instantly.
  13. dude, i get your question. but if you need to kill your high you shouldnt have blazed in the first place. blaze when you have a good amount of time to kick it just high. there are tons of ways to slow down your high, (showers,food,caffeine,etc) but nothing is just going to flat out kill your high.
  14. there is one for sure way. but i dont reccomend it haha. Last night i smoked a huge bowl of Lady G crossed wit OG kush and sour d that was just harvested. So basically what im saying is i was hella baked. went to mcdonalds, and on my way back got pulled over. Youll go from ripped to sober so fast it will make your head spin.

    And btw the cop knew i was high because i had a weed shirt on, but his only words were that mcdonalds smells good. haha. i got a warning and sent me off.
  15. Exercise is the only thing I've found that works for me. There was one instance where I was doing push ups, jumping jacks, and squats in my room trying to kill my incredibly high buzz before I went out to eat with my family because I would be sitting right next to them for probably over an hour. No matter what I did that evening my buzz was fucking persistent and kept fogging up everything in my head for a while.
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    Chill, man. You can't always foresee every possible situation that's going to require sobriety, or sometimes something just happens and you make the mistake of toking up at the wrong time. A while ago my family was gonna get together, and the last I had heard it was going to be happening on a Sunday, so I was all "sweet, I'll just get wrecked Saturday and be fine for Sunday."

    I guess after more discussion my family decided to get together on Saturday and nobody told me, so I was toking it up and out of the blue I got a phone call from my dad and he's just like "So yeah, no idea where you are but we're all together and you should probably get your ass over here like now..."

    I'd have loved a high-killer then.
  17. Don't smoke before work if you're really that worried about it. It's just a waste because instead of chillin high, you'll be paranoid and still high. The best way to hide your high btw is to act normal. I don't know if anyone else is like this but if I tell myself to act normal I can actually control it and easily convince others of my non-highness. Unless I'm fucked up.
  18. I didnt say i cared if i was high at work. I go to work high all the damn time i dont give a shit. I was just wondering if there were ways. not many people caught that
  19. I hate to admit, but I agree with masturbation or sex. Afterwards I dont feel the high so much anymore.
    What always works for me putting cold water on my face, or chewing on a ice cube.
  20. When Im moderately high.. Not blazed.. just a bowl or two in.. if Im going to work or need to appear sober, I go for caffiene. 5 hour energy shot and a latte. When your really high the problem usually is (after the red eye is fixed with visine) you look really tired and asleep. energy shots and latte's pep you up, and your more alert.
    Keep in mind a lot of being high is mental. Im a daily smoker.. But Ive found for me, and people who smoke all the time like I do, when you forget that your high and just act normal... you dont come off as high and trying to hide it.

    People dont suspect you unless you give them reason to. its reasonably easy to control your facial expressions, eye wideness.. etc. Get practice.

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