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Any way to get rid of red eyes without eyedrops?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by mal11, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Im at my dads right now and there is an empty house that is for sale next door that no one ever goes too. Im thinking about toking the backyard of that house, but I need eyedrops and I'm broke...any other substitution for redness eye drops?
  2. Wait; usually red eyes don't last more then 15 minutes while being "freshly baked" when your burning out though you can get red eyes for the rest of the day. Depends, everyone is different. Just keep tokin and you won't get red eyes at all.
  3. cool compress, and cucumber slices
  4. yesa washing your face with cold water will make them look less red for a while, it makes pupil dilation go down a lil bit too
  5. Smoke Weed
  6. Bleach.. jk try eating but eating kills my high idk why....lmao that rhymed cuz im fly...that rhymed again cuz im sly..lmfao ok im done having fun...omg rhymed again
  7. Don't smoke?
  8. Drop 1200 mics of LSD and your eyes should be fine.
  9. A spoon, knife...And one fuckin' good anesthesia.
  10. Get into a fight.
    Hopefully the bruises will attract the attention away from your eyes.
  11. Take a shower.
  12. Rose Colored...SUNGLASSES
  13. Just wear sunglasses, the redness goes away after a while.
  14. Wait about 15 Minutes.

  15. That will look kind of awkward walking back into your Dad's place with sunglasses on.
  16. Don't try water, doesn't work...

    i've always just claimed allergies, works out fine. Scratch your eyes a bit, and itll look fine. Try not to look blatantly baked. Also helps if you dont smell like it. Change clothes?

    I'd also reccommend taking a shower, i used to only be able to toke in the shower when i lived with the rents, those were some great times. Showering while baked is an excellent experience.
  17. Rub onion in your eye works perfect every time
  18. Touch your penis. Then like it.

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